Automotive Network Kickoff – It’s About Time

All good things have to start somewhere, so here we go. The automotive industry always seems to deliver something much later than you were ready to buy it. You know cars at one time had no suspension at all. Of course after a lot of sore bottoms, back sides, and just about every other part of your body, out comes a new model which includes what you would have assumed they knew you already needed. Then someone gets really smart and mass produces them.

Through the following years, exterior and interior styling, comfort, and performance at a good price was what it was all about, in response to demand. It all changed in the 1970’s when we were hit with our first gas crises. It took years to respond with the need for higher miles per gallon capable vehicles.

We have long since gotten accustomed to higher prices for everything we buy. Today with the age of electronics and computers we see the evolution of the auto continue, from cruise control to automatic starting, from radio to multimedia centers, from using a map to having a navigation system.

So you say, I’m tired of waiting to see great stuff that you may want now, well we believe it’s about time to have a website dedicated to just your automotive wants and desires. We will make every effort to list all products types, brands available, and retailers out there, so you can find through our network directory, what you want today, not months or years from now.

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