Certified Shopper – Sets a New Standard

Who can you trust, a daunting question. It gets harder all the time. Whether it’s a television spot, magazine ad, mail order catalog, a retail counterperson, or of course the Internet, everyone wants to sell you anything and everything they want you to believe you can’t live without, or you could possibly ever dream up wanting to buy. Heck, just writing about this makes me want to hide my credit card!

As the President of the Shopper Outlet Network, we are here to set a new standard, with the creation of the Certified Shopper program.

Certified Shopper Badge

We believe that it’s about time to make sure you get the most value for your money, and you can trust the site you want to make a purchase on.

To do that we believe we need to hold retailers on the web to the following standards.

      • Pricing for a product when all discounting is taken into effect, is as fair as it can be.


      • Product information shown clearly describes the product shown.


      • Images shown clearly represent the product being sold.


      • Has demonstrated an ability to provide additional information.


      • The product warranty is fair and just to a consumer.


      • The return policy is fair, clearly accessible, and simple to understand.


      • Does not participate in bait and switch at any time.


      • Does not misrepresent products.


      • Does not practice deceptive shipping or handling fees.


      • Offers multiple navigation paths to products that are available.


    • Makes the consumer experience a top priority.

We realize this is a bold step and with the sheer volume of websites dealing with the automotive aftermarket, this will take some time to accomplish, but we are committed to serving you. So with that in mind, we request your comments, and look forward to hearing about the site experiences you’ve had, to help others know who should deserve the right to wear the Certified Shopper product badge.