Products – Help Me Find Them


Are you aggravated because you can’t find the stuff you want?  Tell me about it!  I spend more time looking for the item I want and then go crazy trying to find if I’m getting a good price or not.  Of course no one is interested in making it easy, because that’s not what their purpose is.

Well, we are going to do something about that!

The Products Directory tab on our home page left navigation pane, is for just that.  We’ve organized the product types into a hierarchy that should make reasonable sense.


When you click on the main Products Directory tab, you will see each main category, then related sub-categories, and in some cases, a further sub-category breakdown.  It all looks like a Products Directory site map.  Cool huh!

Now, as we receive new material from brand manufacturers that passes our review process, we’ll populate those product types.  We’ll use the accumulated material to clearly define these product types with as much information as possible, in effect, our own Wikipedia-style information pages.  We then will show brands for those products, which will eventually lead to our own Wikipedia-style brand pages.  From there you’ll get a view, as populated, of who is a recommended Certified Shopper Outlet Network retailer.  Wow, now that a lot of material.

Now for the fun part, we want you to help.  Hey, you may already have a favorite retailer you like, and what products they are the best at.  Also, if you have suggestions, comments, or changes you would like to see with the Products Directory or Products Directory Site Map, please let us know.