Auto Social Network Can We All Play Nice

A social network that covers the automotive industry as a whole…. amazing.  When I first heard of that, I thought, “only one problem, we’re an industry made up of so many different interests, how are you going to make that work?”  Well, I was surprised by their answer, “you all buy parts don’t you?”  After I stopped laughing, I thought yeah that’s true.  So as not to be outdone, I started talking about everything that makes up the automotive industry, all the different types of enthusiasts, the different needs people have, the different interests, and then I ran out of stuff to say and it hit me, yeah it’s all about the parts.

When you think parts, the typical stuff comes to mind, everything from spark plugs to air filters, from brake pads to tie rods, from u-joints to shocks.  It doesn’t seem complex, after all its just parts.

But the industry is more than that.  It’s about ourselves, and what we want our vehicle to do or look like.  It can be about everyday functionality, side window air deflectors or front grille guards, to custom fitting seat covers or durable floor mats.  Or it simply can be about just looks.

Adding interior accessories or exterior accessories say a lot about why we’re so passionate about our vehicles, but performance items make a bold statement, and since bold can be fun, why not!

Nothing has more impact than the roar of an engine or the look of a performance vehicle.  Whether it’s a street rod to a muscle car, a dressed out SUV or a customized van, a lowered truck to a monster truck, our passion for vehicles needs all kinds of parts to make our statement.  Yeah, we all respect each other’s passion whether it’s a hobby car or a daily driver, we can help each other with all our knowledge and history.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel good when I help someone with a problem they have, or a part that would make their ride better.  I’m sure you can do that too.  So I guess we can play nice!