Industry Week – Trip to the Big Show

What a week! Every year in the first week of November, the entire automotive aftermarket industry holds an industry week In Las Vegas. The event uses both the Sands Convention Center, and the Las Vegas Convention Center, along with ballrooms and mini-centers in multiple hotels throughout the city. Manufacturers make up the vast majority of the thousands of booths available to visit.

Also there to see, with their vehicles on display, are Ford Motor Company and General Motors, among others, each vying to outdo the other.

This week attracts over 100,000 business leaders throughout the industry and is directly targeted to business buyers. Even though this trade show is meant only for the industry, all kinds of other events are happening everywhere. Here are a few that were happening right out front.

If that wasn’t enough, then you got to see every kind of vehicle imaginable!

Of course with all this excitement, the trade shows are really all about products.

As we build out our site, we’ll populate the stuff that qualifies as real Product News, and we will feature them in upcoming articles in the Product News section of Shopper Outlet Network.

So you say, how did I have any time to conduct business? Well it was hard, because when you’re dealing with hordes of people, all vying to talk to someone or check out something closely, it becomes tough.

But, we did manage to accomplish our goal, which was to roll out our “Special Invitation to Brand Manufacturers”, and seek their assistance to help us accomplish our goal of populating our brand directory, for you the consumer of all the great products they make.

After walking for miles and miles, I heard it said that there are 17 miles of aisles to travel, and talking from early morning to midnight most nights, it took me a full week afterward, to recuperate since I felt totally drained. Now that I’m rejuvenated, I’m looking forward to delivering on our mission, which is a comprehensive consumer focused Automotive Search Interactive Directory & Social Network.