Wiki Brands – That’s a First

Wikipedia is a name that many of you know, an online encyclopedia, encompassing just about everything.  The software that runs Wikipedia is a type known as MediaWiki.  The wiki part means quick in Hawaiian.  It allows multiple users to create and edit the same web page.  So, why is that important to us?  Because with over thousands of brands to contend with; and new ones created all the time, we needed a way to populate and continually update our brand directory quickly and efficiently regularly.

We recently successfully integrated MediaWiki to our system here at Shopper Outlet Network.  We will be integrating a more robust structure as time goes on, that will include fluid navigation and usability.

For now, we have begun soliciting brand manufacturers to populate their brands, which can be a slow process.  We intend to make every effort to help them, and do some ourselves, so this resource can be more valuable to consumers now, rather than later.

Lastly, remember, the main thing to understand about all Wiki’s is, it’s always a work in progress, always changing, always evolving, just like our industry does too.