Blogging – Getting a Surprise Education

What a way to learn about social media.  We decided that while we were going through the slow process of building out our directories, we would put our thoughts and feelings out there, and just jump right in.  Well, we certainly got a surprise!

First we tried answering the questions, but realized that with hundreds of posts that would hard to give everyone separate attention.  Especially since, it seemed we kept hearing some of the same questions in different posts.  We also came across all kinds of spamming posts, which we delete, and different types of other reasons, other than a true noteworthy response.

Here is a list of how we would class the responses we’ve been getting.

  1. Meaningful – truly got something out of it and offered like advice or comment.
  2. Responders – we’re not sure what you were trying to say, but it’s out there anyway.
  3. Pretenders – acted like it meant something to them, but talked about something completely unrelated.
  4. Sneaky – used the blog as a way to advertise their email address, web address, product, business, or something else unrelated.
  5. Unworthy – outright attempt to send a virus, used profanity, spam us, or some other mischievous event.


We try to be fair, so one, two, three, and some of four, above, made it live online.  Number five got altogether trashed.

On a separate note, for those of you with true legitimate questions, which we definitely do appreciate, since it did help us fix some stuff we hadn’t addressed before, here are some of the questions with our answers.

  • Question about site design – well, we tried to make it look more like a standard website, keep it simple and easy to navigate, while using related pictures to define the message.  We used standard WordPress software.
  • Want to refer us in a newsletter – sounds great to us, and we really appreciate it, so go right ahead and do it.
  • Link to our post – again, fine with us.  We appreciate you consider what we are saying as important to you.  For us that means mission accomplished.
  • Barter posts – sure, but we want to keep things relative, so guest posting is okay.  Just send your post to and we’ll see if it can fit into a theme.
  • RSS feeds not working – thanks everyone for pointing this out.  We got it fixed and appreciate your feedback.
  • iPhone viewing – this one was tougher.  We went out and added a WordPress Mobile Pack which automatically detects the mobile browser and displays a mobile version of the site.  I’m told we look okay in Zune, but when I looked on an iPhone it was laid out totally differently.  For right now we have to stick with this.  Guess we’ll need a mobile version of the site soon, but the directories come first.
  • Article updates – since we are new, we wanted to start things up generally.  We were actually hoping we would create conversation more on topic.  So, we guess that means we need to also have some posts that cause interaction, since we realize there are plenty of people with good information to add.
  • Facebook & Twitter – something we didn’t want to jump in on, since we are new to social networking.  We should be out with these soon enough.


Again, we appreciate all your responses, and welcome your participation.