Social Networking – Why All the Clutter

Does anyone want to talk automotive, or is blog commenting just another dumping zone? I’m amazed at all the irrelevant comments. On top of that, there is a ton of spam and sneaky characters as Laurie mentions, which use commenting as a way to promote something. Like they say during football season, “Come on, man”, I know you’re out there, tell it like it is!

• Does anyone like the new General Motors or is it a yawn?

• I remember Ford meant, Found On Road Dead or First On Race Day, does it matter anymore?

• Do you have passion for your brand vehicle?

• Does owning a performance vehicle mean you are wild and crazy or just a show off?

• What’s your favorite dream toy?

• Are you a car show buff, a racing enthusiast, someone living in the past a little (like me), or someone just interested in stuff for your vehicle or the latest research you are doing?

So you ask where the heck I am coming from acting this way, well …. go to a store and stand in front of the magazine section. Now look and see how many vehicle magazines there are. Usually there is a lot. Why, because there are so many interests out there its mind boggling.

So loosen up, and let’s start this vehicle party up, vroom, vroom.

I’ll start first. I like performance vehicles and get unglued when I smell racing fuel, since I immediately get flashbacks of wild and crazy racing days, and become crazed for wanting to own a muscle car again! Yes, I was one of those who spent every waking moment and dollar earned on my car. Aaah ….. that was living the life!