Facebook – We’re Finally Here

Facebook – We’re Finally Here

After getting hundreds of blog comments we realized, what we were saying really meant something to some people.  For others, it was a cross between a meaningful comment to just trying to use the comment as just another promotional vehicle.  We figured that, being the wide nature of blog comments, we should expand into other types of social media, to be inclusive to everyone, and honor the demand for a full suite of social activity.

Now figuring that out, was another matter.  We were overwhelmed by the idea of a demanding Facebook audience.

Of course, we all know, there is no wider audience than Facebook.

But it all had to start somewhere, and it’s actually kind of embarrassing to start something from zero, but we did it with the blog.


We next, were intimidated by trying to find a way to structure information for manufacturer brands, but we merged MediaWiki to WordPress and hence a Wiki of brands, ready to be populated.

We were worried retailers may be offended by our featured listing, and in some cases may be unhappy because they weren’t listed at all, since we were trying to keep our standards as high as possible to start.

Lastly our biggest challenge to date, the Products Directory, which we all knew had to be more dictionary structured, but would take some serious time to roll out, and should not be rushed.

Once we passed our first thousand blog comments, we thought, we are now ready.  It was time to open ourselves up to a wider audience and offer a more complete offering.  We wanted to make sure our outlet was okay for serious folks, that our environment for researchers was meaningful, and that we were on target to have a full range of other things, for those of you who are interactive minded.

So here we are, live on Facebook.  To check us out, click on our direct link below.

Shopper Outlet Network Facebook Page

Please keep in mind, all good things start from somewhere.  We sure would like to see your vehicle photos, and hear your automotive stories too.  We’re also posting our articles on the discussion board for your interactive commentary.  We ask you to help us make this meaningful to everyone.