LinkedIn – Brands Lets Start Your Engines

So, you are a manufacturer of automotive products, and want to know, how do I get my products seen, and how do I get people to learn all about your really great stuff.  Okay, ladies and gentlemen, your time has come.  That’s right, it’s time to post all your great information where thousands of people are going to learn about companies, about automotive products, and even to just socially interact with each other.


 To make it easy for you, we’ve developed a simple step by step how to guide, that will help you in posting your information to our Wiki Brand Directory, here at the Shopper Outlet Network.  To get this how to guide, simply send an email to with your request, and once we have double-checked your industry status, and we’ll promptly send you the instructions, so you’re ready to jump into our search engine friendly Wiki-Powered, Brand Directory immediately.


For the skeptics amongst you, I suggest you check us out on our newly released LinkedIn portal page.  The Shopper Outlet Network is made up of industry veterans, who have extensive experiences in many areas of the automotive aftermarket industry.  We have been involved in handling all kinds of different products.  Everything from replacement parts, to performance parts, even racing, and of course, car & truck accessories.  In doing that, we have been involved in lots of different mediums; database development, print catalogs, magazines, internet retailing, enthusiast marketing, and even, warehouse distributing.


The Shopper Outlet Network provides a safe impartial tool for consumers, without being barraged by pushy retailers, which makes it the perfect environment to let your products shine!

Be a part of changing our industry for the better today.  Populate your place in our brand directory, and come join our LinkedIn network today.

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