• Industry Week – What a Trip

    I’m still so excited when I think about my trip; I’ve just got to write about it again.  Every year in the first week of November, an incredible thing happens, the entire automotive aftermarket industry holds an industry week in Las Vegas.  The event uses every square inch of both the Sands Convention Center, and the Las Vegas Convention Center, along with ballrooms and mini-centers in multiple hotels throughout the city, to accommodate this huge industry get together.

    You walk in, and immediately see how awesome it is, while your head just starts spinning on how am I going to try and take in all the opportunities to cover this huge undertaking.

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  • Brands – Should We Rate Them

    In working with manufacturers who offer their unique product brands, we noticed their level of attention to delivering concise, well rounded out information to social media outlets, where their consumers are, was in no way, represented well.  It seems as if they don’t know how to communicate, without being in a press release mentality.

    We can’t say we totally blame them.  After all, most businesses are good at what made them successful, whether it’s inventing products, producing them, distributing them, or selling them.  Can a graphic artist be a car salesman?  Can a construction worker be a mathematician?  Can a shipping center, be a school?  I think not!

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  • Products – More About Them

    So, you want to learn more about automotive products!  Well, to get a better understanding of what areas really make up the automotive industry, we need to dissect it into three major product segments.  The first is, Car Accessories & Truck Accessories, which consists of interior accessories, exterior accessories, and all kinds of general items and products.  The second is, Performance Parts & Racing Parts, which consists of everything it takes to increase performance of a vehicle, or its individual parts.  The third is, Original Equipment Parts & Replacement Parts, which consists of everything your vehicle originally came with when it was first produced, and all items that you can buy to fix anything that wears out of breaks.

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