Products – More About Them

So, you want to learn more about automotive products!  Well, to get a better understanding of what areas really make up the automotive industry, we need to dissect it into three major product segments.  The first is, Car Accessories & Truck Accessories, which consists of interior accessories, exterior accessories, and all kinds of general items and products.  The second is, Performance Parts & Racing Parts, which consists of everything it takes to increase performance of a vehicle, or its individual parts.  The third is, Original Equipment Parts & Replacement Parts, which consists of everything your vehicle originally came with when it was first produced, and all items that you can buy to fix anything that wears out of breaks.

Now, let’s take a stroll through each one of the three segments, and get a better understanding of the product types that exist in each.


So you want to personalize your vehicle.  Well, there is nothing quicker you can do to your vehicle, than adding accessories to it, to make your personal statement.  Car accessories and truck accessories are made up of a lot of areas.  Here is a recap of the most popular.

Interior accessories, which act like a feel good comfort zone, are usually the first thing you add or change.  Whether its floor mats or seat covers, dash trim or carpet, seat covers or seats, consoles or a headliner, steering wheel covers or trim panels, what you add or change makes that vehicle all about you.  Since you’re going to spend most of your time inside your vehicle, it only makes sense to have it make you feel good too.

Body styling, also known as exterior styling, is an area that can completely change your view or someone else’s view of your vehicle.  This can be done by adding a front spoiler, fender flares, running boards, side window air deflectors, or even a rear spoiler or wing.  Instead of adding things, you can change your existing grille, hood, scoops, or even light assemblies.  For an even more aggressive approach, adding body scoops or graphics can look good too.

Exterior accessories are usually just as important for function as well as looks, and can be anything from a grille guards to mud flaps and splash guards, from bedliners and bed mats to luggage racks and bike racks, from steps and running boards to tool boxes and winches, from tonneau covers and visors to air deflectors and light covers.  Whether you need a hitch for towing or have a rack for your skis, exterior accessories can be a real help.

General accessories are the biggest group of all and again can serve the need as well as looks.  From car covers and truck covers to window tint and tire covers, from alarms and navigation systems to radar detectors and security devices, from speakers and sound systems to electronic devices and sound deadening, from driving lights and fog lights to light bars and cargo nets, from the vast array of all kinds of tools and equipment to all kinds of use wheels and tires.

Usually, adding accessories does not require anything more than basic tools and a willingness to follow instructions.  As the easiest products to handle in general, they offer the most visual impact of all.


For the more serious or playful amongst you, performance parts and products, is a great way to have your fun too.  This area is for the serious individual who wants their vehicle to do more, because their hobby demands it, whether they go off-road or do some type of racing, or they simply are very serious about how their vehicle performs, sounds, or looks.  We like to call this our mild to wild segment.  Just about anything goes here, stuff like engine modifications to exhaust systems, from transmission products to driveline items, from air flow to fuel systems, from specialty chassis parts to unique suspension systems and components, from lifted truck parts and components to lowered truck parts and components, from all kinds of gauges and ignition systems to racing apparel and safety equipment.

If you’re looking to get better gas mileage or are building an all out race vehicle, finding out more information about the products you desire or need, is essential in this category.  Usually in most cases, specialty tools are required, and a thorough knowledge is needed, since most of these products are installed by professionals or serious hobby enthusiasts.


Even though this is not as exciting a market segment, it certainly is the most needed.  Whether it’s your commuting to work vehicle, a family vehicle, your kid’s first car, or a vehicle you use to tow anything from boats to campers, to trailers, and other recreation items, you need parts that are reliable and will hold up under all conditions possible.  So get to know your vehicle needs better!

While not all cars can fly or float well yet, we need them to operate on the road as well as possible, whether its brakes pads to brake rotors, air filters to fuel filters, headlights to brake lights, shock absorbers to sway bars, radiator hoses to brake lines, internal engine parts to internal transmission parts, mufflers and exhaust systems to heating and cooling systems, all these are just as important as the condition of your tires.

Being that these types of items or products aren’t exciting as far as personalization is concerned, they are definitely the most important for everyday dependability and reliability.  For installation needs, make sure your professional installer knows what they are doing, and is an accredited individual or shop.  Since these items are purchased without instructions, you really need to know what you’re doing.  Remember, would you put your life on the line, due to an improper installation, or by using a low quality item.  No, I would think, at least not on purpose, so be careful.

Lastly our products directory and brands directory, as they are developed out, are here as your resource.  If you decide to participate further, in letting the world know about any of your interesting automotive product experiences, let us know.  Or if you desire a broader audience, visit our community media sections, which are there for your feedback and participation too.