Brands – Should We Rate Them

In working with manufacturers who offer their unique product brands, we noticed their level of attention to delivering concise, well rounded out information to social media outlets, where their consumers are, was in no way, represented well.  It seems as if they don’t know how to communicate, without being in a press release mentality.

We can’t say we totally blame them.  After all, most businesses are good at what made them successful, whether it’s inventing products, producing them, distributing them, or selling them.  Can a graphic artist be a car salesman?  Can a construction worker be a mathematician?  Can a shipping center, be a school?  I think not!

So you think I’m going to let them off the hook, and do their work for them, not!

Why not, well it’s because there are those who can do it.  We hear about them every day.  We see them every day.  We touch them every day.  And we ride in them every day.  It’s your vehicle.

Automotive manufacturers have to do it all.  They design the concept they believe is what is needed or will be in demand.  They figure out how to produce the vehicles from the relationships, suppliers, and assets they possess.  They try to execute that production in a timely manner and efficiently too.  They distribute the vehicles through their own franchise dealer network.  Then finally, assist with sales programs to get the vehicles sold.

Do they stop there?  No.  They have support systems like parts departments and service departments.  They train and certify their mechanics, so you know the right person has the capability to do the job.

Wow, this sounds too good to be true.  Yeah, we all know stories where the chain above breaks down.  It could be production, like the recent brake recall.  It could be by a work stoppage, like our recent economic woes.  It could be our dealers, where you find they have forgotten to strive to be the best.  Or it could be the mechanic who isn’t as good as you would hope he is.  Certainly perfection is difficult to get, yet we expect it.

So we ask, is it a stretch to think brand manufacturers in our brand directory should be rated?  We think, why not?

So then, what makes up a rating; displaying lots of information, sharing great looking pictures, sharing a video too, or talking to you in words that make sense, not press release mumbo jumbo?

What else?  We want to know.

Now for a simple approach, maybe a happy face if providing info at all, or a sad face if not.  Sounds basic, well, we don’t want you to waste your time when you’re trying to find out something in our directory.

Do you think it’s about time, that these manufacture brands that want so much to be heard and seen, give us some extra effort into delivering to you the information you seek?

We ask then, what else do you expect from brand manufacturers and how best can they serve you?