Industry Week – What a Trip

I’m still so excited when I think about my trip; I’ve just got to write about it again.  Every year in the first week of November, an incredible thing happens, the entire automotive aftermarket industry holds an industry week in Las Vegas.  The event uses every square inch of both the Sands Convention Center, and the Las Vegas Convention Center, along with ballrooms and mini-centers in multiple hotels throughout the city, to accommodate this huge industry get together.

You walk in, and immediately see how awesome it is, while your head just starts spinning on how am I going to try and take in all the opportunities to cover this huge undertaking.


 Everywhere you look you see booths of manufacturers, who come in the thousands to show off their stuff.  Some go out of their way trying to do something no one else is doing, like hang a car from a ceiling.


 Yeah it’s something to see this up close, but it really drives home the product that they are trying to call attention to.

 Of course it never hurts to use something like an old dragster to catch your eye.


 Or a land speed vehicle like this one.


 Of course I can’t help but mention vehicles that bring back memories, like the Dodge Hemi.


 Then, if that wasn’t enough, how about this ready to run Funny Car?


 With all this excitement, the trade shows are really all about the products that manufacturers invent, and since is about the products and brands, we knew we had two goals to accomplish.

  1. Get to know the brand manufacturers better and evaluate them for formal inclusion in our Brand Directory at
  2. Then, understand the products they have today, and the new products they have invented, for inclusion on our Products Directory at as we move forward.

 We did manage to accomplish our first goal, which was to roll out our “Special Invitation to Brand Manufacturers”, and seek their assistance to help us accomplish our goal of populating our brand directory, for you the consumer of all the great products they make.


 With that fully underway, we realized our first goal was off to a great start, and we were glad to hear the high degree of interest we were trying to achieve with overall, was being recognized by brand manufacturers.

 Our second goal took some real attention to detail.  We thought it would be nice to show you some of the product winners from the 2010 SEMA Show, as determined by SEMA.


 Bed X-Tender by AMP Research


 Wheel Polishing Kit by Meguiar’s


Wireless Remote Shock Adjust System by QA1 Motorsports


The General Grabber by Continental Tire


Hand Held Electrical System Analyzer by Auto Meter Products


Cobra iRadar Detection System by Cobra Electronics


 So after walking for miles and miles, I heard it said that there are 17 miles of aisles to travel, and talking from early morning to midnight most nights, it took me a full week, and I still feel I only scratched the surface on everything out there.


 If that wasn’t enough, the same thing was going on over at the Sands Convention Center for the AAPEX Show.

 All in all, a great experience.  Next year, I’ll make sure I wear comfortable shoes.  Ouch, but it was fun!

 As always, I’m looking forward to delivering on our mission, which is to be the most comprehensive consumer focused Automotive Search Interactive Directory & Social Network there is.