• Automotive – Guest Writers Welcome

    Hello… are you an automotive spirited person who has something to say?  We want to give you a chance to be heard on our blog forum, but in a constructive way.  We’ve received tens of thousands of comments, about all kinds of things, and we thought, why not see what good ideas or subjects are in the minds, hearts, or experiences among you.

    Now this doesn’t need to be an epic, or a crusade.  But a good story or an angle on something that maybe some of us hadn’t thought about before is always good.  And if you can make it fun too, all the better. 

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  • Products – New stuff needs to be seen

    Huh, what am I talking about, have I lost my mind saying, new stuff needs to be seen.  Maybe, but it’s actually a problem you didn’t even know exists.  Why you might ask is this a problem, because it affects everyone.  Simply, less selection means less choices, and less choices usually isn’t very inspirational.  So who cares about inspirational, well, everyone that’s in the chain that results in you having choices.

    Confused yet?  Maybe I need to be more graphic.  Let’s take cars for example.  They are something that can be seen.  Have you tried to buy one lately?  It will make your head spin.  Does this look like enough choices?

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  • Retailers – Fighting for Search Visibility

    How important are you, the consumer, VERY!  All retailers know that if you’re not on page one of search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or anywhere else, you’re not going to get much traffic, let alone make any sales.  Over the years the battle for placement has intensified as more competition has shown up.  To compound this, the search engines continue to change their formulas for ranking, as a way to improve the quality of their search results, as they battle each other for your daily usage.

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