Products – New stuff needs to be seen

Huh, what am I talking about, have I lost my mind saying, new stuff needs to be seen.  Maybe, but it’s actually a problem you didn’t even know exists.  Why you might ask is this a problem, because it affects everyone.  Simply, less selection means less choices, and less choices usually isn’t very inspirational.  So who cares about inspirational, well, everyone that’s in the chain that results in you having choices.

Confused yet?  Maybe I need to be more graphic.  Let’s take cars for example.  They are something that can be seen.  Have you tried to buy one lately?  It will make your head spin.  Does this look like enough choices?

So you think that isn’t tough, okay, so you are playing favorites.  How about which model?

Cars – 2-door, 4-door, convertible, body styling, sub-model, extra exterior styling, etc.

SUV/Hybrid/Truck/Van – there are so many versions and sub-models, it’s incredible

Color – sounds simple but it never is.  Big difference in a shade or type of paint that can change an entire look of a vehicle.

So, just when you think you can picture yourself driving this vehicle, now you have more choices, when it comes to the interior of the vehicle.  Why is that important, because most likely, you will spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so you might as well feel good about it too?

Well, are you done yet?  Not!  What about the engine, the drive type, the transmission, the fuel mileage, etc?  Aggravated yet?  All these choices, can really wear you down when it was supposed to be fun.

So now comes the fun part, NOT, going to finance and being up-sold on everything they can.  Don’t forget they will keep asking on each subject till you have said no three times.  No, I’m not kidding.  That’s a sales rule.

So now let’s take something that has a problem being seen, like car and truck accessories.  I’m sure you’ve been to a parts store.  It looks like a lot of stuff.

So how many side window visors did you see?  How about custom floor mats?  Or maybe side step bars?  How about wheels?  Or maybe driving lights?  If you were lucky, probably one of each.  Does that sound like a choice?  Let’s look at a few.

Maybe you will see universal floor mats, rubber, vinyl, or carpet, but not custom fit to your specific vehicle.  So why would someone buy the universal?  Because it’s cheap, and says it sort of fits.  Without choices you are buying something that doesn’t match your interior and most of the time, doesn’t look too good in it either.  Did you know there are hundreds of types of floor mats?  Amazing!  You would need a retail storefront just to show all the types, styles, colors, logo’s, etc.

Did you know there are hundreds of these too?  Besides coming in all shapes and sizes, you can get painted ones, chrome ones, stainless steel ones, form fitted ones, and on and on.  You would need a small warehouse to show all of them.

Did you know there are thousands of these?  Wheels are without a doubt, the most diverse of all.  They come in all kinds of sizes, different offsets, build for different uses, and made of different materials.  You would need a very large warehouse to show all of them.

So are you getting the point yet?  We’ve got a problem.  Because the stuff you want or don’t even know you would want is really out there, it’s a matter of finding it.

When it comes to products, the 80-20 rule is used at every level.  The manufacturer has 80% of their sales from 20% of their products.  Distributors inventory only the items that make up 80% of their item sales.  The retail store only puts on the shelf what makes up of 80% of their sales.

Now let’s think about this.  You start with a manufacturing plant with aisle after aisle full of inventory that is ready to ship to anyone.

On the other end, with the retail store, you have their small shelf area of only the manufacturer’s brand stuff, which can hardly be a full selection.

Not much choice is there?  It kind of reminds me of grocery stores.  In one store you’ll see different brands than you would in another store.

The automotive industry actually has over 10,000 manufacturers making stuff for you.  With those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder you can’t go to an everything store for automotive products.

So you do what everyone else does, you jump online and surf the web looking for stuff that somehow or another makes it in the search results and you find it.

Since even online retailers are limited too by the shear cost to try to have a data warehouse for you to see everything, the Shopper Outlet Network realizes there needs to be another way for products to be seen.

To do that, the Shopper Outlet Network is dedicated to pull this all together, if for no other reason, than to be a fantastic automotive industry research portal.  So when you are hunting for stuff, and see Shopper Outlet Network come up in the search results, check us out, because we’re here to serve you for your information needs.