Automotive – Guest Writers Welcome

Hello… are you an automotive spirited person who has something to say?  We want to give you a chance to be heard on our blog forum, but in a constructive way.  We’ve received tens of thousands of comments, about all kinds of things, and we thought, why not see what good ideas or subjects are in the minds, hearts, or experiences among you.

Now this doesn’t need to be an epic, or a crusade.  But a good story or an angle on something that maybe some of us hadn’t thought about before is always good.  And if you can make it fun too, all the better. 

 So let’s start thinking of what that could be, hmm… think, think…

Maybe you are the write it down type.  Okay then, just put whatever comes into you head that’s related to the automotive industry down on a piece of paper.

Don’t worry about sentences or anything, just write.  Try not to get sidetracked or over-think, just let your thought out on paper..

All right, maybe writing on paper is too old fashioned for some of you, since you already are on a computer reading this anyway.  Okay, don’t give me grief for missing the obvious at first, since I’m here too key punching in whatever comes to mind.  Just pull up Word or Notepad and go for it.

I always find it comes easier to think when the subject is something personal I can relate too.  Maybe an experience you’ve lived to talk about, stuff you’ve seen or heard about, or just something you wonder about.

So with that said let’s talk automotive.  Here are some subject areas to start from.

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Hybrids
  • Dealers – Car, Truck, New, Used
  • My car and me
  • My truck and me
  • Crazy things you’ve done with vehicles
  • My hobby vehicle
  • How fast can you go
  • I’m an off-roader
  • I ride in style
  • Great automotive products
  • Neat car accessories
  • Great truck accessories
  • The power of performance parts
  • How to build a race car
  • Racing isn’t as easy as it looks
  • Auto clubs is where it’s at
  • Car shows are the greatest
  • Whatever happened to demolition derby car’s
  • My monster truck and me

So you get the idea yet?  Make it sound like fun, so we can all enjoy it too.


So with that said, here are the ground rules.

  1.  We have to keep it PG rated.  Remember this is a clean website, for people of all ages, and we want to keep it that way.
  2. Try to not get out of control.  Just follow your story line and the rest will flow, just like talking.
  3. It’s okay to get help from family or friends, or even a group.
  4. Only do it if it’s fun, and it’s okay to have fun with your writing too.
  5. Lastly, we reserve the right to edit your story, just in case it gets too edgy one way or the other.

 Once you are done, send an email to with your article.  If you decide to insert pictures too, that would be fine.

Also, please note what name you want to be listed under if we post it.

We will be running these every so often, during this year, provided they meet with the intent we stated above.

Happy writing!  :)