• Facebook – A Business Challenge

    How to handle Facebook, and what to do about it, has become a huge business challenge to most in the business community today.  The idea of just putting something up and “they will come” doesn’t work.  Sure it’s easy to have a personal page and just watch everyone chime in on one thing or another.  But to get people to act in a predictable way is another matter.

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  • Coupons – We all Love a Deal

    Every time I go to the mailbox, it’s stuffed full of sale flyers and coupon flyers of all kinds.  If you’re like me, while I’m walking back in, if it doesn’t catch my eye, it’s in the garbage.  What a waste of paper.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love getting a discount and saving money.  But most of the time I end up buying something I really didn’t need, or going out to eat just because the coupon caught my fancy.

    For the retailer, it serves a purpose, which is to get local people that are nearby to them to want what they are offering.  It motivates us to go to their store and hopefully become an ongoing repeat customer.

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