Coupons – We all Love a Deal

Every time I go to the mailbox, it’s stuffed full of sale flyers and coupon flyers of all kinds.  If you’re like me, while I’m walking back in, if it doesn’t catch my eye, it’s in the garbage.  What a waste of paper.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love getting a discount and saving money.  But most of the time I end up buying something I really didn’t need, or going out to eat just because the coupon caught my fancy.

For the retailer, it serves a purpose, which is to get local people that are nearby to them to want what they are offering.  It motivates us to go to their store and hopefully become an ongoing repeat customer.


 For those of us that still get a newspaper, the coupon section literally falls out all over the place, almost on purpose, to get us to pay attention.  Now if you’re a smart shopper who has learned how to save money with coupons, you’re busy a couple of times a week looking for stuff on sale or a coupon you can use to save money.

In a way it seems crazy to think, how can something like this pay for itself?  Well, if you’re a retailer, you know you need to spend advertising dollars to drive business to your store.  So sale flyers and coupons are an affordable way to do that.  While sales are great at driving turnout, coupons are very effective, because you can redeem them when you have time.

Coupons have one characteristic that makes them unique.  They are like paper money.  Only difference is, they can say many things, Save 40% off, Buy 1 Get 1 free, Buy 5 for $10, Coupon Value $5.00 off next $50 purchase, and on and on.

Why bother you might ask, do retailers do this?  Being that there are so many stores like that that makes for a lot of competition for your attention, they’re trying to find the motivator to get you to come to their store and keep coming back.

We’ve all been to a store where when you get your receipt, you get more coupons.  It’s like a never ending cycle.  Some stores have even gotten really smart.  Their system looks at what you’re purchasing, then decides what coupons to give you with the receipt that are most likely going to get you to come back.

Now with the advent of the Internet, we’ve been bombarded by a new kinds of coupons, everything from pop ups to discount codes.  They show up on your side bar, they pop up on your screen, or float around your screen.  You are forced to acknowledge them by closing them, so you can continue what you are doing.

Very annoying for most of us, but effective for those that are truly looking for that item or have interest in that item, at that time.  With that idea in mind, we thought, why not a place to go to get your coupons.  So we began researching, and found hordes of sites that do just that, including most retailers too.

Recently, we had different manufacturers say they were looking to do the same thing too, but realized the traffic to their sites was too low.  So, to better serve the industry, we thought we could open a coupon retrieval center for all manufacturers, on our Facebook page, and allow folks to go to that retailer and redeem it.

While this might take a little while to put together, be sure to check us out through either:


For your future coupon needs when you are thinking automotive products, and you’re looking for deals.