Facebook – A Business Challenge

How to handle Facebook, and what to do about it, has become a huge business challenge to most in the business community today.  The idea of just putting something up and “they will come” doesn’t work.  Sure it’s easy to have a personal page and just watch everyone chime in on one thing or another.  But to get people to act in a predictable way is another matter.

The activity of posting on a wall saying just about anything, is a very fearful feeling to a company.  The thought anyone could say anything, even though they could delete it, is still scary.  Who has time to watch everything that is said, not many!

Another challenge is the layout.  How to look like a business, and not just another poster-board?

Okay, so that’s a really big company who is trying to be in the space to.  But what is the value they are trying to deliver?  Looking at this, it just doesn’t equal their website home page below.

Now I’m not trying to be hard on the car companies, with their budget, they could do a lot better.  They are following the thinking that a Facebook page is just another resource page.  Here’s another comparison, difference is they get it.  See if you can pick out what is missing.

Now let’s look at the BestBuy website home page.

Still not the same, but a more engaging look, and more important, people are responding.  Why?  A good question!  There are almost four times the number of likes between the two Facebook pages.  That’s amazing because Ford Motor Company is a lot bigger than Best Buy, and could certainly outspend them if they wanted too.

So what else did you notice?  The main template used are the standard look pages, but wait a minute, there is a lot of interactivity and shopping going on too.  Yes, Best Buy is using a more customized look, but the main thing is they are all about trying to get you engaged, which means, drawn into interacting with their Facebook pages.

Which brings us back to the main challenge that most businesses have, which is how to handle Facebook?  So to help in the task, below we have listed a step by step approach, which of course is easier said than done.

  1. Set up standard Facebook page.
  2. Define your company.
  3. Determine your strengths or identity and make it a part of your pages.
  4. Be visual and engaging.
  5. Run promotions.
  6. Give people a reason to “Like” you, so they stay as part of your community.
  7. Let your community be a part of you.


Now that last one listed, let you community be a part of you, is not an easy thing for a company.  Yes, I’m saying you need to let go and let the community in effect take over the wall.  Yes, I know I’m asking you to have an out of body experience, but there is no other way.  It’s what Facebook is all about.

One final note, recently Laurie of www.ShopperOutletNetwork.com stated they were going to revise their Facebook site at www.Facebook.com/ShopperOutletNetwork and launch a coupon center.  Nice idea, they really have their work cut out for themselves then, since their site is still in the early stages.  It’s certainly nice to see a portal thinking interactivity value first, and not just another poster-board!