Value – Not the Easiest Proposition

We’ve been on a mission this year, engaging on how best to deliver the most comprehensive package possible for people, while continuing to deliver on our goals of being a great interactive search directory and a fun and exciting social media network.  It’s been as overwhelming as it sounds. 

Every step we take, as we expand our functionality, we get rewarded by your responses and great industry feedback.  It started with our first blog article back in September 2010.


This is our 24th article, and we’re enjoyed every moment with you too.  Along the way we learned that there are certain subjects that really hit a nerve, from articles like these.


And the most intensive one;


As we got into it, we got bolder with our plans.


We then felt it was time to really put the gas pedal down, and do some amazing things.  We announced the coupling of MediaWiki software, the same software Wikipedia uses, to our platform.


From there, we built out an entire structure, with all kinds of cross relationships, through our Brand-Wiki and our Products-Wiki.  These relationships have now brought us into a new arena, corresponding industries.

  • Apparel
  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Household
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Outdoor
  • Sports
  • Toys


Almost all of these are by accident.  Why, because manufacturers make lots of products that are for all kinds of uses.  By trying to have a corresponding place for their product, we end up in more markets.

To keep with our commitment to have a “great interactive search directory”, we realize this will continue to grow and evolve as we bring more participants within our directories.

On a different front, our commitment to continue developing an “exciting social media network”, has us continually branching out.


While there may be many more places for us to have a presence in, we decided that it’s more important to solidify our value proposition to you.

Just recently, we modified our developing Facebook site, by adding the new I-frame capabilities to it.  Now we run tabs that let you interact with it more easily.

To come full circle, we decided to do two things.

  1. Incorporate a “Where to Buy” section in our wiki pages, wherever we felt there was a retailer worthy and deserving of your interest.
  2. Added an industry first “Coupon Center” off of and will be incorporating that with as many manufacturer brands as possible.


Yes, we may be never finished with everything, since there is always something else to do, which obviously we now realize; creating value is not always the easiest proposition.

As the resident administrator of Shopper Outlet Network, we thank you for your participation and interest, in helping us create something meaningful every day!