Social Networking – Everyone Wants to Play

Social networking without ever leaving my chair, what a great invention!  I thought I was busy before, but now, I’m dealing with all this back and forth activity that everyone I know expects me to stay up to date on.   And I thought I didn’t have enough hours in the day before.  Wow!

The good news is anyone who has a computer or an internet enabled cell phone, is going through the same demands as me.  So at least I don’t feel like it’s just me.

It’s amazing how some people will message or tweet on every little thing that crosses their mind.  In effect, just throwing comments out into cyberspace, for anyone to read or comment on, without giving a thought to how strange it may sound.  I guess the art of thinking first, before messaging, is dead.

Now that it’s so easy, and requires no technology know how, or special equipment other than a phone or a computer, anyone can join in and be a part of the social networking craze.

So is just blogging, tweeting, or hanging out on facebook isn’t enough to satisfy our interactive new habits?  Not for some.  Then here are some thoughts on what to do.

First, let’s starting a blog.


If you think you can be interesting, and have something meaningful to share, then starting a blog may be the thing for you.  Remember, not only do you need to be focused every time you post something; you need to be interesting too!

As a search interactive directory with a blog, we try to keep things related to the world of products and brands, but make it fun too.  Yeah we get off track somewhat, but we’ve noticed that it’s all related whether directly or indirectly.

Second, do more with Facebook.


While you might feel constrained by Facebook’s page structure, don’t.  They recently offered an optional I-frame capability to make your Facebook page operate more like a standard website, or allow side navigation to whatever you want.

Recently here at Shopper Outlet Network, we launched a Coupon Center off of Facebook.  We thought why not let people know there is an opportunity to get deals on products or brands.  For us it’s a start in making our Facebook page more worthwhile, as well as interesting.

Third, you can try your hand at Twitter.

 The effort involved in tweeting to a large community, requires constant communication.  For the seriously interactive among you, this is a true every minute matters when you can be constantly engaging.

Since we haven’t tackled Twitter yet, we can only be impressed by those that have, especially if you can be engaging enough to have a real following.  Since we’re not movie stars or an elected official, we’re just like everyone else who wants to be entertaining.

Meanwhile we’ll stick with what works here at Shopper Outlet Network, and try to be interesting in our own way.  But we encourage all of you to jump in, let your creative minds get to work, and have some fun in social networking too.