Update – A Total Package Network

It’s not even been a year yet, but Shopper Outlet Network has continued to expand from a simply concept scratched out on a piece of paper, which is to provide people an easy way to find information out about products, while having fun interacting via social media too, to a fully integrated architecture using blog software, multiple media wiki’s, great creative writing, and an ever expanding range of areas related to products, including social media outlets.

You might ask, “What makes Shopper Outlet Network so special”?  It’s due to the breath of what it is accomplishing.  Just for a moment let’s look at this another way.

When you want to research something “you Google it”.


If you want to network or socialize, you most likely go to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or jump into blogs.


But if you want to do both at the same place, you can’t.


The vision of Shopper Outlet Network is that combination, but on a much smaller scale.  We’re not out to be the ultimate portal.  Our interest instead is your specific needs as related to products.  So let’s define that then.


We all find ourselves in an aisle looking at a product that we think will fit our needs, but see all these different brands, with different prices, along with offers calling out to us to purchase them.  It’s all very confusing.  So, to help with that, we have a Brands Directory powered by Wiki software, which we’ve nicknamed Wiki-Brands.


Here you will be able to find out information about a brand, what they make, and other useful information.

From every Wiki-Brand page, under Category Types or Product Types, we give you links to a Wiki-Product page of that specific type or category of product.

If on the other hand you want to browse products but don’t know brands, go to our Products Directory and select which sub-directory you want to look in.


The Products Directory in Shopper Outlet Network is powered by Wiki software too, which we’ve nicknamed Wiki-Products.  Here you will find information on product types.  Below is an example in the Automotive Directory.


Once you select your category, you’ll jump down to its corresponding section.  Here is an example of the category Tires, Wheels & Accessories.


From here, once you select the specific product type, you’ll jump into the Shopper Outlet Network Products-Wiki, and be accessing all kinds of information about that product type, including brands that make it and what may be different about their item.  If you select one of the brands, you jump over to that corresponding brand page in the Shopper Outlet Network Brands-Wiki.

Now that you’ve had a chance to experience our research directories and corresponding Wiki’s, you will begin to see our other related features.

For those of you who enjoy knowing about the latest products released, check out the Shopper Outlet Network Product News section.


For those of you, who are seeking clubs, check out the Shopper Outlet Network Clubs Directory of hot links.


For those of you who are seeking out retailers, or wonder who’s recommended by us, check out the Shopper Outlet Network Retailer Directory of featured retailers, and a listing of specialty retailers.


 For those of you who love a deal, check out the Shopper Outlet Network Coupon Center, constantly updated listing of coupons or deals offered that we know about, and are Certified Shopper deals by our standards of integrity.


Lastly, our powerhouse, our community section, encompassing everything from our ever popular Blog Portal, to Facebook for social butterflies among us, to LinkedIn for the business focused amongst us.


In our ever popular Blog Portal, you will find a constant stream of creative articles for you to enjoy and interact with.


Our Facebook page, with its new tab system, featuring a Coupon Center which allows people to directly jump into the Shopper Outlet Network community, with a single click.


Our LinkedIn business portal page, which allows the business community to know more about our staff.


While we realize our work is never finished, especially with the launch of Google+ and the involvement we will ultimately have with it.  The new directories to be created, like the future Vehicles Directory, and the future Enthusiast Directory, give us new challenges to overcome, in our goal to deliver value.

Lastly, I would be remiss, if I did not take this opportunity to thank all participants of our network, our Facebook fans, and especially our fellow bloggers who helped put Shopper Outlet Network on the map.