Brands – Time to Step Up to the Plate

This isn’t meant as a challenge, it’s more like help.  As the Managing Director of the Shopper Outlet Network, I realize manufacturers are solicited from many directions, that they don’t know what to believe or which way to turn.  To help with that, we’ve decided to deliver advice as we see it.  While you might be apprehensive, we ask that you reflect on the information and think about how you can apply it.  After all, it’s your business you need to promote!

First, we would like to explain what we here at Shopper Outlet Network do, and how you can help yourself too.


Our focus is information for the consumer.

  • We offer them two Wiki Search Directories, one for Brands, and the other for Product Types.
  • We give them an easy to find Automotive Clubs Directory.
  • We list Product News that they may be interested in.
  • We provide a Retailer Directory to help assist them.
  • We recently launched a Coupon Center, of deals we know about.

For those who are socially interactive.

    • We have an industry leading Blog Portal that from launch in October, through the end of July, has over 51,000 “active” unique blogging participants.
    • For the more socially conscious out there, we recently joined the ranks on Facebook, which we use strictly as a portal back to our website.


 Our audience continues to build.

    • In this short time, we have already as of the end of July, had over 353,000 views.
    • In July, we recently reached the distinction of being ranked in the top 26% of all websites that exist!
    • We recently have begun to add other product industries, as we pursue being a great resource for consumers today.

So what do you need to do to help yourself?

The goal you need to seek for web visibility, is in plain terms, to create a large footprint for search engines to follow, which in turn will give you huge bandwidth visibility for  your products overall.

The result is, you get in a broader range of search placements, allowing you to be where the consumers are, and where the sales can be made.


 To accomplish this, you may need to accomplish one or more of the areas listed below.

  1. General web traffic planning
  • Build site density while increasing your footprint
  • Address the overall rules of the game for search placement
  1. Data challenges
  • Apply the data you’ve worked so hard to gather to your advantage
  • Address the multiplier effect of data
  1. Rich unique content challenges
  • Only use unique pages to magnify link building and relevancy
  • Use wikis to your advantage
  1. Social media planning
  • Coordinate traffic into buyers
  • Intensify your communications to consumers thru media outlets
  1. Retail planning
  • Is it time for you to expand your profit, without interfering with your base business
  • Make your tech and marketing provider your partner for profit


Are you doing what it takes to get traffic?  To do this, it requires understanding the rules of the game.

  • Google has slots open on page one of “every” search result page, if you qualify.
    • For great unique, highly trafficked content
    • For social media in order: Blogs, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
    • For wiki content in order: Wikipedia, other Wiki’s, other resource directories
    • For video and images in order: YouTube, Flickr
    • For shopping feeds
    • For local brick & mortar stores nearby
    • After all that, they get to good content or relevant shopping sites.  Of course, if any of the above doesn’t qualify, more of the general sites will be shown.


  • Increase your website footprint to make search engines give you more listings.
    • It’s all about unique relevant page count from five hundred to tens of thousands
    • Links should number in the thousands to hundreds of thousands
    • Use your data to reach your goals

  • Search engines take social media into consideration for rankings.
    • Make Facebook work for you
    • Post videos to YouTube as much as possible
    • Get a boost from partnering with others who rank
    • Get your product releases where they will get a lot of traffic, thus boosting you
    • Be a part of the Wiki resource game

 Yes we know, this might sound overwhelming.  Don’t fret; there are solutions to each of these that are not as intense as you may think.  One of the main reasons we have Shopper Outlet Network, is to use the domino effect as a way for you to be able to get results quicker and to get in the game. 

Now let’s address social media, and the big question everyone asks, “Is it worth it?”

It’s a tough question because, in the first place, social media isn’t built for business.  So just setting up something, whether Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a Blog, doesn’t mean anyone is going to come.  It’s not like search results, where someone may find you if they look for a product. 

But the facts are indisputable, Google and Facebook are in a battle for attention, one is trying to be more focused on social media, the other is trying to be more of a search directory, and ad revenue orientated.  Soon we’ll be seeing the other search engines jump in too.  On top of that, with Google buying YouTube, and all the networking partnerships going on, it’s no surprise to see Google index every major social media site.  Making you realize nothing is private, and everything is in play for rankings

You need to participate or risk your non-participation sending the wrong signal to Google. 


  • Set up a basic Facebook page.
  • Get over 25 friends and change your page to a business URL.
  • Implement the new iframe tabs on the page, as a way to push traffic through.
  • Try to find a way to cause people to go to the page, even if it’s to redirect them somewhere else.
  • List promotions or events.  Anything that will cause someone to keep coming back.
  • Partner with others who can help drive traffic here too.
  • Remember your goal is to run traffic through this page. 


  • Post a video, even if it’s simple.
  • Do it at least once a month.
  • Have fun with it every so often.  Remember the more exciting or silly, the higher the possibility it could really get picked.

We know, this might sound the least rewarding of all things you can do.  Maybe so, but since natural search rankings in search engines take into account your level of participation everywhere, including social media, there is no getting around it. 

Now we would like to address our Coupon Center, and how you can make it work for you.

How it works

  • The Coupon Center resides on the Shopper Outlet Network website.
  • Manufacturer coupons or offers are listed for anyone to review.
  • Our overall site traffic helps them become more relevant; remember the sum of a whole is greater than its individual parts, and thus seen throughout the search engines more.
  • You get free marketing just by being there with your advertisement.

 What this means to you

  • You are in effect taking control of the retail market, not waiting for a retailer to do it for you.
  • You are part of something bigger that gets you more visibility.

 What else can I do?

  • Remember in a prior section, I mentioned running traffic through your Facebook page; well that’s what we do with the Coupon Center from our iframe tab on Facebook.  So if you are worried about doing this on your website, we’ll do it for you.
  • With this ability, you can now have the ads get directed to a specific URL, where the sale can be made and the coupon or offer can be redeemed.

Overall, the Coupon Center gives you a chance to have more control over traffic for your product, and it puts you in a position to send would be buyers to where it’s the most profitable for you.

Finally, this might sound the most rewarding of all things you can do.  Maybe so, but it’s all part of the overall picture of impacting natural search rankings in search engines.  By getting indexed more ways, your level of participation everywhere, will make your footprint to Google, grow.

We realize you may need help in trying to tackle all this, so we will do our best to send you information on how best to promote your brand.  While we aren’t in business to be consultants, we do realize that the better you understand how to participate where consumers are, the more likely you we be to try and seek out extensive coverage for your products.   We hope you find this information rewarding, and realize ways to further grow your business.

Finally, we seek your participation, and offer many levels of involvement, everything from simple free listings, to complex comprehensive business solutions to drive traffic and create customers.


We look forward to a partnership with you to help grow your presence throughout the Internet.