Products – The Universe Grows

What started out as a research directory about products that automotive manufacturers produce; has turned into a much more diverse universe of products produced for many industries, than we could have ever imagined.  At first we started out like a pilot on a trip, one city to another.  But while doing this, from every destination, many new directions were exposed from every destination.  It kind of reminded us how airline maps look.


Right away we realized we were going to have to handle this in another way, and go back to the drawing board.  First we realized we needed to define the industries that people commonly thought of for the products they were seeking.  Then, we went through and looked at the participating manufacturers, and made sure their products aligned up properly.

After our initial launch of the Automotive Products Directory, we ended up with this new expanded group of product directories as our revised starting point of product directories going forward. 

 Now out of this first expanded group of product industries, we then had to now redefine our entire automotive products directory into master categories.  Below is a list of what they turned out to be. 

 Now after overcoming this, we then listed every product type we came across under each category, and created sub-categories.  For an example, the below list, shows that if you click on the Automotive category, Chemicals, Fluids, Lubricants, you will come to this below listing of sub-categories or products types.

 Chemicals, Fluids, Lubricants

 The exciting part is what happened next.  Let’s just say for the sake of this exercise, you click on Cooling System Additives.  You will then be directed to our Wiki-Products Directory page for Cooling System Additives.

 Wiki Cooling System Additives

What’s exciting is what the wiki is all about, which is information for the masses, and also a great way to point folks to anything that’s relevant for them, whether its brands, about their products, related products, how to install the products, and where can they buy the products online.  The Wiki ends up being much like the airline map, but exploded to encompass to world!


Now, for the purposes of our airline example, think of each continent as one of the product directories, like North America is Automotive.  Then think of each country as a category, like Canada is Chemicals, Fluids, Lubricants.  Next think of each region or state as a sub-category, like region of Ontario is Cooling System Additives.  Then think of each city as product types that exist in each sub-category, like Ottawa or Toronto are to specific additives in the Cooling System Additives sub-category.

Now, the fun part is at any time, on any page in the wiki that’s built out, you will be able to jump in many different directions, just like air travel, but with one major difference, you can travel to other planets too.

Courtesy of NASA

Shopper Outlet Network wasn’t designed to be just a single directory or single portal.  We are more than that.  We reach out to the world of brands, the world of retailers, and the world of clubs, to just name a few.

 To further your travel, besides our globe, or our solar system, we offer you the opportunity to travel through our communities of social media, which is like going into our whole universe.

Courtesy of NASA

Finally, like in the world airline destinations example map or our solar system images, every time you go somewhere, you’ll always have other interesting places to go in the universe of Shopper Outlet Network.  All resulting in great interactive directories, a resourceful search experience, whether it’s for products, for brands, for our world of blogging, or our communities of social media; you’ll be able to enjoy as our universe continues to grow.