Blogging – Connecting With Customers

In a never ending quest to communicate with their customers, business has reluctantly taken on blogging.  Simply because someone told them they should, or they were afraid they weren’t doing their part in open public communications.  While the intent has to be commended for all the effort that has taken place, the approach has a lot to be desired.  Just put yourself in their shoes, what would you talk about?  Maybe the latest press release or a company announcement of some sort, maybe an achievement attained, or the last new product release.

You can’t blame them, its news, and it’s important to them.  They’re figuring, this could be a great way to get information out on what they think is important, or maybe improve their image to the public.

Only thing is, it’s not that important to us, so few of us end up reading it, and even fewer bother to check it out, even if it shows up in the search engines somewhere.  The business response becomes an effort to connect with customers and energize them about their company or products again.  Usually they will allow someone internal to be the voice, whether it’s in a blog or a forum.  The effort of bland comments or articles isn’t inspiring to anyone.  This results in the owner beings disappointed, or on the other hand, starts feeling intimidated, which is hard not to be, and holds back, worrying that the blog won’t represent their business properly.

Trying to successfully blog this way becomes a difficult effort for everyone, resulting in an unhappy business owner, and an unsuccessful blog.

The frustration the business owner experiences may sour them on blogging, or even have them turn away from social media altogether.  In effect, it becomes a serious opportunity missed, for the business and for people like us who really do want to engage, but weren’t properly motivated.

Yes, it’s difficult to really reach people, but the business owner really needs to put themselves in our shoes and understand the other side of the equation.  We want exciting eye catching, riveting stories that draw us into something that truly ends up being meaningful, and may even inspire us or offer us a reason to respond.  Is that a lot to deliver, you bet it is!

Let’s for a second, look at each part of what is needed.

1. The exciting eye catching part is absolutely necessary to get people to stop and really look at something.  You have a split second for an instant decision is made to stop and really look over something or just pass it by.  So why not make it interesting and fun too?

2. Riveting stories that draw us in, because we find them interesting, will keep us captive, and open minded to understand the information that is being delivered.  Be careful to not overdo it in your story telling.  Simply, keep it realistic, and deliver it in an easy to read format.

3. Make sure to deliver meaningful information.  This is something we want to feel we are left with every time we read something.  Maybe we’re looking to learn more about something.  It could be we want to think about something in a different way.  Or maybe we just are looking for the wow factor, meaning I never knew that, or I really want that, or best of all, I can’t wait to tell my friends.

4. To make us feel inspired, or lead us in a call to action, you are in effect being truly successful.  An inspired individual is the best reaction you can get.  They will respond to you in the blog, they will follow you as you grow, they will be engaged as long as you give them a chance to be, and best of all, they’ll recommend you to their friends.

Remember, blogging is about building value.  If you build value, you’ll build community.  If you build community, you’ll have more customers.  If you build more customers, you’re successful.

Lastly, yes, we know it’s hard to measure for sales results from marketing efforts like blogging, but we prefer to look at it differently.  What kind of company do you want to be, and how do you want to be remembered?

Blogging is a great way to engage, and you’ll find it will open up other venues for you, as well as keep your business exciting too!