Content – Do You Really Care

The obvious answer is yes, of course.  But that is not how buyers are reacting.  The behavior patterns of Internet users today reflect research everything you need to know first online, and then look for the best price you can find to make a purchase.  By doing this, we are using completely different search motivations, which can lead to very different results.


While search engines, by weighing all kinds of factors, do their best to deliver the most relevant results possible, you will only see entities that have learned how best to get in front of you, on to page one.  Whether it’s a bullet list of shopping results, a manufacturer or specific authority on a subject, retailers who sell the product and ranked well enough for you to see them, or social media of some type.  You may think you have lots of results to look though, but 80% of you don’t even make it to the bottom of the page one, let alone ever get to page two search results.  Why, because we all are in such a rush to move on to the next thing we have to do.

So, does it matter that very few of us go deeper into the search results?  In one way, companies realize if they can’t crack page one, then what’s the point of bothering to keep spending money on that term, instead they try to rank on a different term, where the competition isn’t that intense.  What does that mean to you?  Plenty, it results in good content or great deals being missed by you.

Yeah, there may be millions of results, but the more you look, the less quality you see, not giving you any reason to continue looking.  While the point of relevancy in search engines is to rank stuff that fits their profile high, which is their job, you wonder aren’t there others out there that are meaningful.

So why can’t I find what I want then?  It’s because for one reason or another other sources of information don’t fit the search engines profile.


Crazy huh, sites that have content you want to see, or even worse, small companies who specialize in what you want and have great prices too, and you don’t get to see them!  Can this be true?  How does this happen?

It all starts with a basic website.  Because it’s small, and doesn’t know much about all the things search engines expect or doesn’t know how to deal with it, or worse yet, can’t afford too, are left by the wayside.  It’s like missing your train, and there is not another one coming.

It’s a vicious cycle.  No attention to other pages of search results tells the search engines you don’t care.  If you don’t care then they think they’re doing it right.  Scary huh?

So should you really care about content, you bet, it’s the only way we the people can let search engines know they need to change their rules.  It shouldn’t be about millions of links, or other crazy algorithms.  It should be about content period.

Maybe it’s time we had a rotational system to allow us the users to show the search engines if we think there is stuff worthy of our needs.  It’s not fair that we all end up missing out on the best stuff!