Automotive Network Celebration

As of this posting, the Shopper Outlet Network blog, which started out one year ago as an automotive focused portal only, has now surpassed seventy thousand, yes 70,000 active blogging participants on our website.  Our claim to fame from this is that no other portal in our marketplace has acquired participants this quickly by only distributing good quality content only, or without applying other efforts to inflate the statistics.

Throughout this past year, we have evolved in so many ways, as we took on more information about manufacturers who produce products for all kinds of industries.  To think, it all started out so simply, with a concept to offer search directories about products and brands for consumers.  Of course as we evolved, we realized we needed to talk directly to you.  So off we went, launching a blog as part of our website, with no idea how it would work out.

Our goal was to deliver good clean content that folks would consider meaningful.  To think, it all started with our first post, Automotive Network Kickoff – it’s About Time!

This article actually has continued since its original posting, to be one of our strongest performers.

We then followed up by defining our core areas.  The first core area was about manufacturer brands, in the article titled; Brands – Who Are These People!

Which we thought was something people think about when they look to purchase a product, but have no real place to go to find out an unbiased view about a brand that makes that product.

To back up the core brand area, we delivered an article titled; Products – Help Me Find Them!

This article was really geared to help people know how to find out more information about a product type, then get an opportunity to know about brands who make that product type, and why it may be important to them.

About a month later, we started addressing social media in general, and came to understand through our blog portal some of the activities that were going on.  We were so amazed by this that we decided to address our third core area, social media, in an article titled; Auto Social Media – Can We All Play Nice!

We must have struck a nerve with this one, because it continues to be one of our more popular posts, even today.  While we tried to deliver an unbiased point of view, it was clear there are quite a few people out there who try to take advantage of blogs to further their own self interest.

Through this we realized we needed to stop a lot of the spamming, and decided to seriously enforce content rules.  After all, it’s not fair that some have to ruin it for the many, so we automatically delete anything that is out of line.

At this time we attended our first automotive trade show as Shopper Outlet Network.  After having a great time we realized that keeping people up to date on industry happenings should be a core area too, hence our ever popular article titled; Industry Week – Trip to the Big Show!

It was clear at this point, that people really enjoyed seeing a different view on a trade show, kind of a behind the scenes thing.  We were glad to share the excitement and realize these same interests needed to be applied to our website.

Our next core area is the other side of the equation, the retailers.  We all assume everything is fine, but every now and then, you see some new ones pop up, and others go away.  From this we thought there should be a background story told.  We did this through an article titled; Retailers – What’s Happening to Them!

A lot has happened since the late 1990’s to retailers.  So much so, that it’s now impossible to be a large scale retailer without a serious Internet presence.  As we continue to evolve our buying habits, we continue to affect everything related to it.

As our efforts expanded, we decided we needed to stay on top of the retailers, who sell you products, and the manufacturers, who make the products.  To do this we introduced a Wiki system for Brands and Products.  In doing this, we wanted to give a home to all the unique information out there that may be valuable to you, and deliver it in an unbiased way, so you can make your own decisions without feeling pressured or manipulated.

Since it is such a huge undertaking to populate it, it continues to be a work in process.  We hope through this effort that with our desire to fulfill your needs, our persistence to get it done, some manufacture help along the way, we will be able to deliver to you a truly robust system that’s interactive, informative, and fun to use too.

With that said, our five core areas listed below remain our focus going forward for our blog.

    1. Manufacturer Brands
    2. Products Types and Who Offers What
    3. Interactive Social Media Network
    4. Industry Structures, Organizations, Events and News
    5. Retailers and Marketing

As we continue to get involved in other industries like Aircraft, Apparel, Industrial, Marine, Tools and Equipment, etc., we hope you find our information valuable and THANK YOU for your participation in making the Shopper Outlet Network Blog Portal a valuable resource for folks!