Products – I Need More Info

Why is it so hard to find out more information about a product?  You would think retailers would be anxious to make available lots of supporting information, so it would be easier to make an informed buying decision.  I would think putting that information right out in the open won’t be too hard to do, since most of it comes from the original manufacturer anyway.

In the age of social media, where retailers worry so much about what’s being said on Facebook, Twitter, communities, or blogs, or what’s being seen on YouTube, or what people are saying in reviews, it makes you realize that it would make sense to have more information readily available all the time!

A good place to start would be how to install something in a document that could be printed or downloaded, or a video of someone doing it.  Also with the install guide, maybe having better definitions of the product itself, what it can or can’t do would be good.  Another area could be a comparative report against other like product, which would help us in our decision making process.

Then once you’re ready to make a buying decision, it would be nice to know what other products that work well with what I’m buying or considering, are available too.  All too often, no supporting information is presented that gives you any confidence what so ever, that the other items listed are anything more than an attempt to cross sell more merchandise.  It seems as if no one is listening to what we are trying to do, and instead just trying to move us along and just buy blindly.

As a savvy consumer, buying blindly isn’t for me.  When in doubt I go somewhere else.  Now with that said, you would think I’m not the only person who does that.  In fact, it’s not surprising that the vast majority of us, in most cases 98%, don’t buy when we are faced with an add-to-cart button.

I don’t know about you, but its simple math to me, improve the content and your percentage of us backing out or leaving your website all together, would go down.  Now doesn’t that sound like a no-brainer?  So how do we get retailers to change?  Simply, just buy from the ones who put the extra effort in.  Maybe everyone else will get the message.

While we all want to be happy about our purchases, we’re faced with in the meantime, of using the Internet for research, more and more.  I say, reward those who pay attention to research directories, that go the extra mile to do what others fail to do, and provide better supporting information from manufacturers who are smart enough to know that the more they put out there to view, the better they’ll be for it.

After all, making a sale can be easy, if you give the buyer everything they need to know, to feel the most comfortable with spending their hard earned money, on a product that you want them to buy.