Super Saturday, Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Is it a deal?

For years now the big box retailers have been looking for ways to generate sales at Christmas time.  This year it seems to be a little bit crazy.  When did Super Saturday even begin?  This is the first year I have heard of it.  Then again I am a typical guy that does not like to shop.  It’s get in, get what I need, and get out as quickly as possible and if the line is too long leave the store without it.

This is why I prefer to shop online. I can browse as long as I want without having to be hounded by high pressure sales people.  I don’t have to wander for 20 minutes looking for something that never seems to be in the department you would expect.  Reviews are posted on the website from people that purchased the product I’m looking for, not a sales guy that is blowing you fluff.   The reviews help you make that final decision of, is this the product I really want and will it meet my needs.

A lot of people like to go to stores to browse and try things out.  Others prefer to shop online and the retailers know this.  That is why Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) has the deals for people that want to shop in the stores.  Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) has the deals for people that want to shop online.

So why do the retailers discount prices so much for the major shopping days?  Without knowing the exact answer for each store I can only use the general rule, which is to get you into their store to buy that super deal, then while you are there have you throw some other items into your shopping basket and generate a profit for the store.

One retailer was offering a laptop computer and a television for Super Saturday each under $200, and it wasn’t a bad laptop or television.  That is not where they make their money; it is in all the other stuff.  Say you buy that great deal laptop or television, now you want a carrying case, USB memory sticks, software, HDMI cables or a wall mount.  Next thing you know you have another $200 worth of stuff in your cart.  But that laptop and television were such a deal, and you are already in the store, so you get it all.  That is how they make their money and you end up overspending.

If you spend the time researching online or with the printed sale ads you can easily save yourself a bunch of money on the extras.  With some stores opening at midnight Thanksgiving night you may have a chance to get the super deal you found then go to another store to get the extras.  Or you can browse online to find out if any stores will offer the Black Friday deals online eliminating the in store madness and overspending.


If you want to get a deal this season you need to do your research.  Make a list of each store you are going to visit with what you plan to buy at each store.  Here is the hard part though – stick to the list.  If you are like me you will look online and buy all the stuff you want from a few different places, I may have 10 different shipments to try to hide, but hey, I saved money and didn’t have to go into a store.

Either way you go this season we wish you good luck finding that perfect gift at the best possible price and a Happy Thanksgiving.