The day in the life of a single mom

The alarm goes off at 5:30am and I think to myself, errr… but I just fell asleep. I stumble to the kitchen to make my ever so needed coffee. Hop in the shower half asleep and then slowly start waking my son up. Let me tell you this is no easy process; it involves going in turning on a light, a little back rub, and an expected grunt from the five year old hiding under the covers, and a very loud and serious NO. This process continues a few more times before the little gremlin will emerge from his room. At this point the scramble to finish getting myself presentable for the day, my son ready… err, lunches packed, and out the door has begun. It has also become a morning routine to leave the house lock up and get to the car and then run back inside for the little items that I have forgotten; my work keys, my ever so needed coffee, or sometimes my child, oops!  It is now 7:38 and I am rushing to get my son to school and me to work. When I walk in the door I sit down and just breathe for a few minutes as I change gears from mommy to professional.

My morning is slammed with phone calls, emails, meetings, unexpected clients walking through the door needing assistance now. It is now 1:30 and all I have had today is coffee. I missed lunch so I just continue to work through nibbling on some veggies as I deal with crisis after crisis.

The rest of the day continues to progress at the same pace as it started. I think to myself; some yoga or meditation sounds great right about now! Awe… if only I had time.  But no, it is time to pick my son up from school finish work, and then the all too familiar evening rush begins.

You can imagine how our evening goes. I start dinner then it is time homework, bath, and bed time reading. It is 8:30 and I can finally rest ah, I am exhausted and it is only Monday.

This is not just the story of a single mom but millions of families around the United States.  I have found that it is difficult to accomplish errands and shopping in addition to my busy week. The internet has alleviated some of the rush because I can do online banking, shopping, and research on anything that I need to know. My greatest asset is my smart phone where by a touch I can be on the internet surfing anything that I need or that interests me.

When the Holidays arrive I am able to complete half of my Christmas shopping on the internet. The challenge that I have come across is that my boyfriend has everything that he wants so I never know what to buy him for any holiday. He is one of those people who have a car, truck, boat and three motorcycles in the garage. It is so jam packed with toys that it is hard to get through. One present that he would enjoy is something for one of his toys. Challenge what item do I get him I have no knowledge in car accessories? So once again I turn to the internet to research products and pricing and read customer reviews. In all honestly the internet has helped save me sooooooo much time going from one store to another and talking to professionals.

The life of a single mom is not easy road and each minute is valuable each day is similar to the last, busy, busy, busy. So thank goodness for the internet which allows me to spend more time with my family.

Thanks for listening,

Lindsay Garrison