Industry Week – What a Great Show

Last year being my first year attending the SEMA industry trade show, was over whelming due to its sheer size and volume of people attending.  This year I managed to find more quality time to check out the great products too.  With all the hustle and bustle, it’s great to feel the excitement and not feel so lost by all the neat stuff to look at.

With my new found confidence I focused on products.  It was amazing to me the great lengths people went through to show off their products.  At Optima Batteries, this tube chassis vehicle was so interesting; I never did notice where the battery was.

Since being different too seemed to be the norm, who could pass up this new looking car cover without taking a second look?

Very strange, but who knows, you never can tell if buyers will be attracted to this.  After all it did make me do a double take.  I guess Coverking figures there’s enough people out there who want to make a statement about their vehicle.

Besides the oddities of some products, there were vehicles that said it all, making bold statements, like this Go Rhino Products vehicle with a very patriot look.  You’ve got to give them points for that.

Of course, some exhibitors stuck with the standard ever popular muscle cars to make a statement, like this Dynacorn Mustang.  Sweet, it really brought back memories!

Usually though, it was looking at products straight up, like these great looking steering wheels from Grant Products.  It amazed me how they seemed to have a steering wheel style for just about any vehicle application that exists.  Very impressive!

Sometimes I just had fun, evidenced by me meeting the Beams Seat Belts crash dummy in person.  I actually felt like I was meeting a celebrity, since I grew up seeing the commercials.  Apparently the company management takes turns wearing this outfit.  Very intriguing!

Yeah, that’s me, really enjoying myself and happy I’m not riding in a car that the crash dummy is driving, ha, ha!