Benefits of Cargo Carriers

Have you ever packed the car up for a trip and ran out of room? Where do you put the cooler? This is a dilemma I have faced time and time again. There is a solution to this age old problem and they are called cargo carriers. You can put that space hogging cooler on the tray outside of the car and leave room inside for people. There are a few different types but they all serve the same purpose of maximizing space.

Have you ever really looked at the luggage rack on top of your car? It is usually two brackets that run the length of the roof with two bars that go across the roof. How are you supposed to securely hold luggage up there? When you turn the car the suitcase will fly off the roof and now you have no clothes. That is where a cargo carrier that is shaped like a basket and mounts to the ladder rack of your car comes in handy. They will safely hold your belongings in place when taking that long awaited road trip.

Back to the earlier cooler problem, this is my problem every weekend in the summer. You have 5 people, a dog, enough clothes for 2 days at the lake and 3 coolers. Now imagine you are trying to fit all of that in a small SUV, I will save you the time, it doesn’t fit. I suppose you could leave a cooler behind, but then that is a lot of beer that you don’t have and that’s just plain silly. To solve this problem it takes five minutes to hook up the hitch mounted cargo carrier. You just slide the end into the hitch receiver on the car, put the hitch pin through the hole and clip the cotter pin on. Now you can fit that third cooler and have fun at the lake.

Some cargo carriers even fold up to save space when they are not being used. This feature is very useful if you want to park in a compact spot. All you have to do is remove the pin, tilt up the tray and slide the pin back in. Besides being able to park in a smaller space you also eliminate bumping into it when you walk around the car and it is a lot easier to back up when you don’t have a couple extra feet sticking out the back.

There are also accessories for the hitch mounted cargo carriers to accommodate your unique needs. You can install a bicycle holder which holds the bicycle tire in place and keeps the bicycles upright. There is also a bag that is the same size of the carrier and mounts right on top of it. The bag is extremely useful for loose bulky items like life vests, ski or snowboard clothes, or you learned to extreme coupon and need to fit the extra groceries somewhere.

If you have space issues and are thinking of getting a cargo carrier either for the roof or a hitch mount, make sure you have the proper equipment to begin with. The roof mounts will require some sort of luggage rack to be installed prior to using the carrier. The hitch mounted carriers will require a hitch receiver in the correct size, most are 2” but not all of them. If you have the wrong size you will not be able to use the carrier.

If you’re ready to buy one of these, don’t fret, both of these retailers below have what you need.

Sears or Kmart