How Does A Line Lock Work?

A line lock is a device that’s using mostly for drag racing vehicles.  If you haven’t been to a racetrack or seen drag racing on television, you’re missing one of the most exciting parts of a drag race, the launch!

Basically, the line lock device allows the front brakes to lock independently of the rear brakes via a switch.  A line lock device controls a valve which is placed on the front brake line, and is operated by a switch.  Line locks are available as manually operated or electrically operated.

When not in use the valve is open and allows fluid to pass through to the front brakes. When the brakes are applied and the valve is closed brake fluid is trapped, keeping the front brakes applied until the valve is opened.

Line locks are often used to perform burnouts by fully locking the front wheels and then engaging the gas pedal, this lets the rear tires spin but keeps the car in one place. Line locks are also used to stop a vehicle from rolling off starting lines so the driver can keep their feet on the accelerator and clutch pedals are the same time.

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