• Is it time for new tires?

    The time has come where the tread on your tires is wearing thin; and the $900.00 that you have saved towards your well-deserved vacation to a tropical island, is now going to pay for 4 new tires.  You think to yourself, that you can never get a break, and that there is always some unexpected expense anxiously waiting right around the corner.

    Unfortunately, there are many unforeseen expenses in life; however, with a sufficient amount of research and proper saving you might just be able to take your well-deserved vacation and pay for the unanticipated expenses in life such as new tires.

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  • Get Your Car Ready For Summer

    Although most of the country didn’t have much of a winter it is still important to get your vehicle ready for summer.  Summer can be pretty hard on a vehicle; we drive a lot more in the summer than in the winter.  All the extra driving can put a strain on the cooling system, suspension and tires along with just about everything else.  Here are a few things to do to ensure an enjoyable summer instead of fixing the car all the time.

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  • Planning a Social Media Calendar

    Sounds easy, but it’s not.  So many social media outlets to consider, and yet so overwhelming as to how to handle all of them.  After many weeks of constantly mulling over every effort needed to be performed and maintained, along with many sleepless nights, it came down to starting from complete scratch.

    First, I realized I needed to handle drafting something that won’t make me feel so overwhelmed.  To do this in a simple way, I started with a blank excel spreadsheet and put in the basics.  The first column was a list of every day in the year, and broke them up into segments by week.

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