Planning a Social Media Calendar

Sounds easy, but it’s not.  So many social media outlets to consider, and yet so overwhelming as to how to handle all of them.  After many weeks of constantly mulling over every effort needed to be performed and maintained, along with many sleepless nights, it came down to starting from complete scratch.

First, I realized I needed to handle drafting something that won’t make me feel so overwhelmed.  To do this in a simple way, I started with a blank excel spreadsheet and put in the basics.  The first column was a list of every day in the year, and broke them up into segments by week.

Second, I added a column for notes on all the important dates, holidays, sporting events, everything from the Super Bowl to Black Friday, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas.

Third, I looked at messaging.  What I thought might be important to call out based on the holiday or event that was going on.  After all, I think of Thanksgiving as the holiday, but when it comes to online, it’s the day after it, dubbed Black Friday, and of course the weekend, Super Saturday and Cyber Monday.  So I added a column for that too.

Next I added all our other marketing media areas.

  • Our Blog Post
  • Product News
  • Coupon Center
  • Facebook Events
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube Video
  • Video Blog
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Email

With that laid out I felt I had a roadmap on what we as a company really needed to do, which was plenty.  At least with this structure I felt we now needed to figure out who was going to do what where, which turned into another highly challenging affair.  After mulling this over more, it became clear that we needed a social media coordinator, or better yet someone who could take ownership of this outright.

We looked at plenty of people but couldn’t find the right mix for what we were looking for.  Then as fate would have it, one of our part-time administration coordinators informed us that she would like to come on full-time and wanted to know if we were interested.  Because of her familiarity with our efforts, and her thirst to excel beyond her experiences, we realized we had someone who could really take this on outright, and mold it into a well run functional operation.

So, as of March 24, 2012, we are proud to announce Lindsay Garrison as our new Director of Social Media.  Lindsay will not only handle the all encompassing social media calendar, but will continue assisting in her administrative and support role.  We now look forward to expanding our footprint even more, and doing justice to the social media outlets for our participating manufacturer brands, along with bringing strong value to you!