Is it time for new tires?

The time has come where the tread on your tires is wearing thin; and the $900.00 that you have saved towards your well-deserved vacation to a tropical island, is now going to pay for 4 new tires.  You think to yourself, that you can never get a break, and that there is always some unexpected expense anxiously waiting right around the corner.

Unfortunately, there are many unforeseen expenses in life; however, with a sufficient amount of research and proper saving you might just be able to take your well-deserved vacation and pay for the unanticipated expenses in life such as new tires.

Although, the average person only has to purchase new tires every few years many consumers choose tires blindly. Over all purchasing new tires is an expense and can be costly; however, it is important that you take this seriously and know when it’s time to shell out that money.

Michelin just launched the new Defender tire which is an all season passenger car tire. This tire is designed specifically for the family car with longer lasting tread. The Michelin Defender was created to maintain high quality yet also take into account the difficult economic times.

The Michelin Defender tire fits almost every standard passenger car on the road, providing all season performance. These tires have 90,000 miles of confident driving, outlasting the closest competitor by 21,000 miles. In addition, this tire can save people up to $250.00 in gas over the life of the tire. So not only does this tire save you money in the long run by the increased life of the tire, but also in gas. Finally, the Michelin Defender stops 31 feet shorter than the closest competitor protecting you and your loved ones from a major accident.

As the consumer it is important that you research which tire is best for you and speak to a tire expert before purchasing your tires. There are several factors that need to be taken into account before proceeding. Some tires might cost more initially but have a longer tread life thus saving you money in the long run.

Once you have made a decision on a tire here are some things that you should know to maintain the tires longevity.

  • Proper tire inflation extends the life of the tire and saves gas.
    • Properly inflated tires create less heat which reduces the friction on the road increasing fuel economy and decreasing wear.
    • Over or under inflated tires cause the tires to wear unevenly.
    • Tires loose between 1-2 psi per month regardless of the temperature. It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly because not only does your tire naturally loose psi but is greatly impacted by the temperature outside.
    •  Tires need a rotation in more than one direction.
      • Best practice is to have your tires rotated when you get your oil changed.

Over all, take your time and do your research before purchasing new tires. With routine maintenance such as air pressure and tire rotations, you will be saving money in gas and increasing the life of your tires. Who knows with the money you save you might just be able to take your well-deserved vacation after all.

Michelin® Defender™ tire