Quality versus Quantity: Is Workmanship a Thing of the Past

We live in a fast pace world were image is everything and the more you have the better you are. Our society has become very materialistic and if something breaks oh well, it can be replaced, right? Not that long ago in our history instead of throwing away items such as a broken clock, toaster, washer and dryer, or vacuum we would take them to the local repair shop.


I have to admit that the quality and workmanship on those items were made to last unlike most products today. Unfortunately, if a company was going to survive they had to evolve with the changing times, which meant that the way they did business, their marketing, and their product was going to have to change.

It is rare to find a company that truly believes in quality over quantity anymore; however, some still exist. There are companies out there who have managed to evolve without compromising the workmanship of their product, integrity, and their drive to produce sustainable products for their consumers. Some of these companies’ names are known in every household; for example, General Electric and IBM.

Stromberg Carlson in particular has taken me by surprise. This is a company that some of you may be familiar with meanwhile; others may not recognize the name at all. Stromberg Carlson is a third generation family owned company. It was originally developed by David Stromberg, who passionately believed in his product; making sure that everything he produced ran flawlessly, and was tailored to the consumer’s needs. As the company progressed into the second generation the focus became all about the integrity of the company and building relationships with the consumers.

Today Stromberg Carlson sells high quality products primarily for RV’s and Fifth Wheels with the additional bonus of easy installation for the consumer. Most of their products are about accessibility and making traveling easier and more enjoyable for the entire family. They have taken into account the needs of the aging population and retirees by producing RV handrails, steps and step accessories along with many other beneficial products.

It is nice to find a company that has persevered while not losing the quality and integrity that they were founded on. Although, it seems that durable products are becoming a thing of the past there are still many companies like Stromberg Carlson that provide value to the consumer.  It is nice to see that workmanship is not completely a thing of the past.