How Much Do You Trust Your Brakes?

So there I was in the midst of traffic in a bustling city. What was only a 30 minute drive felt like an hour and possibly three hours off my life. In this single car ride I think my blood pressure rose to an unhealthy rate. Meanwhile my hand clutched for anything to grab onto while my foot was doing the air brake. After about 15 minutes of silence I screamed out to the driver, “do you really trust your brakes that much.” The driver looked at me and kept on with his last minute braking while I sat in terror waiting for the moment that he would slam into the car ahead of me.

Once I made it safely to my hotel room I got out of the vehicle and got down on my knees and prayed for my life. Okay… getting on my knees to pray might be a slight exaggeration but I did send out a thank you to whoever in the universe was looking out for me.

While in my hotel room I started to think about how often I have my brakes inspected or replaced; knowing there are so many things that can and will go wrong if I do not perform routine maintenance. How many drivers are on the roads that aren’t able to answer the very question I asked myself? How many drivers are out there, who are last minute slam on the brakes and hope that you don’t hit the person in front of you type on the roads? Not only are you putting yourself, your passengers, and others at danger but are you really that confident in your brakes? Each part of the vehicle serves an important function, but for many out of sight out of mind. Many drivers don’t perform routine maintenance they only take their vehicle to the mechanic once something has gone wrong. What if my driver was one of those people? I made it safe to my destination but eventually someone is not.

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