• We Moved

    Shopper Outlet Network recently moved our sites to a bigger and better hosting solution.  We are asking you for your help.  While you are looking around our sites let us know if you see something that is not working correctly.  You can click on the Contact Us link and the bottom of every page and let us know whats broken.

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  • Seven Ways to Keep Your Car Cool

    Have you experienced those hot summer days when you have to go somewhere, but you’re DREADING getting in your car?  You sit down and feel like you might actually start breathing fire and then all the sudden OUCH the metal part of the seat belt burns you. To top it all off, you don’t have an air conditioner!

    We don’t blame you. The average car reaches hazardous heat levels hot enough to cause serious damage, especially when it comes to animals and small children.  We’ve come up with some helpful tips that will help you keep your car cool this summer!

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