Seven Ways to Keep Your Car Cool

Have you experienced those hot summer days when you have to go somewhere, but you’re DREADING getting in your car?  You sit down and feel like you might actually start breathing fire and then all the sudden OUCH the metal part of the seat belt burns you. To top it all off, you don’t have an air conditioner!

We don’t blame you. The average car reaches hazardous heat levels hot enough to cause serious damage, especially when it comes to animals and small children.  We’ve come up with some helpful tips that will help you keep your car cool this summer!

1. Crack you windows

Whenever you’re parked somewhere don’t be afraid to crack your windows to help ventilate your vehicle! Oftentimes we want to make sure our vehicle is safe so we roll the windows up without even thinking about leaving a small crack.  As long as the crack is small enough to prevent someone from reaching inside your car you will be thanking yourself later.

2. Inflate your tires

Tires generate a large amount of friction against hot pavement.  The more friction the more heat! If you make sure your tires are inflated properly there will be less friction and less heat! Nobody wants to be pressed against hot pavement.

3. Tinted Windows

Have you ever wondered what people were doing behind their tinted windows? Me too, but I know one thing! They’re doing it in a shaded, comfortable environment.  Tinted windows are known to help prevent vehicles from overheating, so if you like that undercover look, get tinted!

4. Have water and a cloth handy

Not only is water great to DRINK during a hot summer day, it will also help you cool off scolding surfaces like your steering wheel and dash.  Just wipe your car down with a watered cloth and it will help you get both hands on the steering wheel without getting burned.

5. Grab a solar car vent!

Not only are solar car vents eco-friendly, but they’re cheaper than running the AC. A solar vent is a small fan placed on the outside of your car (usually on the back window).  The fan grabs the hot air inside your car and exchanges it with the cooler air outside.

6. Keep your rear in the shade

If you cannot find a shady spot to park, make sure you park with the back of your vehicle facing the sun.

7. Check your fluids

It is just as important to keep the engine of your vehicle cool and running smoothly to avoid overheating. Cars get thirsty too! Make sure you always have water and coolant available on hot summer days.  It will save your life if your car decides to overheat.