We Moved

Shopper Outlet Network recently moved our sites to a bigger and better hosting solution.  We are asking you for your help.  While you are looking around our sites let us know if you see something that is not working correctly.  You can click on the Contact Us link and the bottom of every page and let us know whats broken.


We have taken many steps to make sure that nothing is broken but with a Blog and a Wiki there is just too much for us to check on our own.  Also, so you know a new Coupon Center is being launched which will allow coupons to be archived so you can always see what coupons we have.  Besides the new Coupon Center we are also launching a new Forum for you to go into and post questions and have the community help answer them.


Shopper Outlet Network is committed to bringing you the best possible information through our Blog and our Wiki.  We thank everyone that participated in the move and everyone that helps point out any bugs.  Check back with us often because we are about to unveil the new features that we weren’t able to have before.