It’s Show Time for Auto Industry

Every year, around the first of November, the automotive industry hosts two huge shows, the SEMA Show and the AAPEX Show, in Las Vegas Nevada.  The SEMA Show is held in the Las Vegas Convention Center and the AAPEX Show is held in the Sands Convention Center.  Both shows are so big, that other events, gatherings, and association meetings, are held in many of the surrounding hotels throughout Las Vegas, which makes finding a room at a reasonable price a challenge.

As always, the city of Las Vegas loves hosting the automotive industry, since it’s no secret we’re an industry who like to play hard, don’t mind spending money, and really enjoy having a good time after working all day dealing with convention environments.

So from the sounds of it, you would think its all play and no work, well that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  From a manufacturer exhibitor point of view, the sheer volume of buyers and related parties demanding everyone’s complete attention every minute is exhausting.  From a buyer point of view, the total frustration at trying to have a conversation about something that’s totally important to you, with someone who is distracted by every person walking by.  This certainly is a crazy way to operate for both parties.

So how crazy is it, well last year in November 2011, both shows combined to have over 128,000 industry professionals participate, of which 60,000 were domestic and international buyers.  Every aspect of the automotive industry was represented by manufacturers who are the heart of their markets.  Everything from automotive replacement parts to the performance parts, from economical to racing products, from restoration to body styling, from electronics to truck accessories, and from garage items to workshops.

Wow that’s a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t stop there.  All the major automotive vehicle manufacturers are there too, showcasing their vehicles, and including all kinds of versions of them to get excited over.

So, how does this all fit in, well, it’s about showcasing products and vehicles that you the consumer will be interested to buy.

To hear more about this and see pictures of stuff we come across, we’ll make sure we follow up with you, and include these create products and the manufacturers who make them, reside here in the Shopper Outlet Network research directions.