Race Ramp Flat Stoppers

Years ago I house sat for a gentleman in the military who was deployed overseas for one year. He had his beloved Mercedes in the garage and it was my job to start the car once a week and drive it around the neighborhood. The owner of the house/car was adamant that I move the Mercedes on a regular basis because he didn’t want to get flat spots. Originally he was going to put the car on cinder blocks but he couldn’t stomach doing that to his prize possession.

What are Flat Spots?

Flat spots may occur on your tires if your vehicle is parked for 30 days or longer.  When a tire rests on a flat surface the tire may potentially get a very dangerous flat spot. It is important to know that flat spots cause a rough harmonic vibration that may make it difficult to steer your vehicle, which can cause tire blowouts and accidents. As mentioned in some of the previous blogs your vehicle loses tire pressure each month, and is amplified by the fluctuation in hot and cold temperature. Consequently, the deflation of the tires each month can contribute to the development of flat spots.

How Can You Prevent Flat Spots?

  • As mentioned previously one of the ways to prevent flat spots is to make sure that your vehicle does not sit for more than 30 days.
  • Make sure that the tires are properly inflated.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures which will increase the likelihood of flat spots.
  • When driving do not lock your breaks and slide sideways; this not only creates flat spots but removes material from the tire.
  • Use a wheel cradle.

What is a Wheel Cradle?

A wheel cradle distributes weight and maintains the shape of your tire. Wheel cradles are shaped to cradle the tire unlike a flat surface which may cause flat spots.

Which Brand do you recommend?

The answer to this one for us is easy we like Race Ramp Flat Stoppers the best. These flat stoppers are so light weight that anyone can use them.  Yet, these flat stoppers are nearly indestructible, and have a special coating to prevent slipping, and can hold up to 6,000 pounds. In addition Race Ramp Flat Stoppers do not conduct cold or hot temperatures to the tire regardless of the floor temperature.

I personally love Race Ramp Flat Stoppers because they are extremely light weight, durable, and easy to use. It would have been nice if the gentleman that I house sat for had them because then I would not have been responsible for driving the car every two weeks, nor would he feel the need to put his Mercedes on cinder blocks. It would have made both our lives a lot easier. As a woman I can be intimidated by these types of products, however; after meeting with Brute Industries, Inc. Race Ramps and sampling the products I am no longer intimidated.

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