Tax Time Again With Kids

Every year, I dread the days and weeks leading up to April 15th.  Since it’s pretty much mandatory, if you have kids who want to go to college, you need to prepare early in February, for the FAFSA filing deadline, in early March, if you want grants, loans, or any help in general.  This year it was the 10th.  So that means at the end of January I have to start putting everything together.  Once February hit’s, I feel the pressure of running anything I’m missing down, which it always seems like something.  Finally by mid to late February I have everything, and it’s time to get it all to my tax preparer.  FYI, I found out long ago, that the right one can save you a lot, since the system is build for those in the know.


After the grind of the tax preparer reviews back and forth, I get to the first week of March and a full-fledged panic sets in.  Not everything is in order, and it’s a daily grind to find time among my busy work schedule to settle everything.  Finally, as always it’s down to the last few days, and it comes together, I get online and complete the filing.

After this six week marathon is over, you would think I’m relieved, not!  At the end of the filing, in the area of the family contribution expected, there is a number, and it’s not zero!


Uuugg.  I think they invented colleges as a way to put kids in debt before they even get a job, and another way I’ll have to work forever.  Well, enough of that, relief sets in that it’s over for now.  Whether it’s exhaustion or relief, I’m not sure which, I finally get some sleep.

With a clear head, and a few days of other distractions, I go back over where I now stand.


Now that sense of panic starts to come back as I realize what needs to happen next.

  • Time to finally settle on which college, so a visit is in order, so I can see where my money from working myself to death is going.
  • Have to make payments by April 15th, since the refunds I may get won’t come in till after that, ouch.
  • Last year I put off fixing stuff around the house.  I don’t think I can make it wait any longer, so that’s going to hurt.
  • I need to get the kids cars, and mine, some attention soon, that will cost, because they’re an endless pit.
  • Wife and kids are thinking end of school year, summer trips, etc., yikes, that’s never good…
  • The first payment of my kid’s college tuition is due in August; I’m really getting depressed now…
  • Now I’m thinking the fall, and it’s the start of holiday time, maybe some trips somewhere, and of course the inevitable holiday shopping craziness, that will hurt big….
  • Then first of the year it’s pay more to the blood-sucking colleges again!!!
  • Oh, and it’s time after that for TAX TIME AGAIN.


So now that I’m seriously depressed, what about me.

  • My wife wants me to go to the doctor’s, that’s not going to be fun.  She’s probably making sure I’ll be okay so I can continue the merry-go-round.
  • I keep dreaming about having hobbies again.  The other night I built an entire nasty race car for the street in my sleep.


Feeling refreshed, I actually start my next day thinking I can actually do that till the realization hits me that I don’t have time for hobbies, not when all this money is needed to pay for everything.

So, here I am on Shopper Outlet Network, and all the great stuff that I remember back in the day.  It looks to me link this is just what the doctor ordered!


In going through this site, I’m thinking I need some play time somehow.  Racing season just started, and I need a refresher.

First, let’s get some stuff for the cars, since it will make me feel better.  Turn on the TV and watch some races, and if I really get bold, go to a racing event.

Meanwhile I’m going to put my feet up and relax for a change while I can.


To see more about this website; pictures of stuff I came across, which included products and the manufacturers who make them, then check out the Shopper Outlet Network, and their research directories.