Husky Liners Products Featured on the Truck U Show

This weekend, the Truck U Show featured the installation of Husky Liners Husky Shield Headlite guard, Husky Liners Weather Beater floor liners, and Husky Liners Custom Molded Mudguards.

The Husky Shield Headlite guard prevents damage to a trucks headlights, from UV damage, salt, sand, rocks, etc.  They are easily installed due to the fact that there is no cutting.  These sheets are pre-cut, and are vehicle specific.  For installation:  clean the headlight’s surface, spray on the included solution, and put on the cover. I call that easy installation!


In the show the hosts removed the factory installed floor mats, and replaced them with Husky Liners Custom Fit Weather Beater Floor Liners.  Husky includes new clips  for the mats,  for easy and convenient installation.   These mats are made in the USA, and feature a lifetime guarantee.

Husky Liners is the only company who has delivered  a way to protect a trucks nerf bar from damage, from rocks, sand, mud, and salt, while protecting the vehicle’s paint, at the installation location.  This is done with Husky Liners Custom Molded Mudguards.  In the show, the hosts install the Husky Liners Molded Mudguard with the use of the existing bolt holes, which means no drilling, or cutting.  Husky includes a protective film, which is applied between the paint and the guard,  in order to protect the paint, located underneath the guard.  In the instance where the guard is removed,  the paint at the installation point, will be in its original condition.  These mudguards are made for most trucks, and even duallys.  They are made in the USA and feature a lifetime guarantee.

Scheduled airing dates are below:

Sat 3/30/13 @ 8:00am EST

Sun 3/31/13 @ 8:30am EST

Fri 4/5/13 @ 10:30am EST

Sat 5/11/13 @ 8:00am EST

Sun 5/12/13 @ 8:30am EST

Fri 5/17/13 @ 10:30am EST