National Car Care Month Is Here!

National Car Care Month Is Here!

April, is national car care month! As a general reminder there are 10 basic maintenance  procedures that should be done to make sure your car is running its best for summer. The suggested maintenance can be done by a technician or you can do it yourself; either way this maintenance can increase your fuel economy, and save you costly repairs in the future.

be car care aware

10 Basic Maintenance Procedures:

  1. Check wipers and lighting
  2. Inspect the suspension system and steering
  3. Check the battery
  4. Check the brake system
  5. Check tires
  6. Check heating, air conditioner, and ventilation system
  7. Check the hoses and belts
  8. Check all fluids
  9. Inspects the exhaust systems
  10. Schedule a tune-up


During the month of April you may be pleasantly surprised to find discounts on the procedures listed above. In addition Sears Auto Centers and other service centers are able to provide these services all at one location.  Remember being proactive and attentive to your vehicle can save you expensive repairs in the future.