• Dear Mother In Law……

    Dear Mother In Law:

    Protect Your Trucks Headlights With Husky Liners Husky Shield Headlite Guard

     As I was dropping off our son the other day for a visit with his grandmother (my mother in law) I noticed that her brand new trucks headlight was cracked. Yikes, I thought but didn’t say anything.  When she returned our son later that day she mentioned that while driving on the freeway a rock bounced off the road and hit her headlight, cracking it. 

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  • Avery’s Floor Mats Are On My Wish List

    Avery’s Floor Mats Are On My Wish List

    I used to be a fanatic about maintaining the inside of my vehicle.   My husband would take my little Ford Ranger and clean it inside and out for me instead of bringing me flowers…and I loved it!  Then we had our first child, and did not buy a mini van, nope we kept our small truck and the baby grew into a toddler  snacking machine, and since he sits in the front bucket seat whatever he’s eaten ends  up on the passenger floor mats. 

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  • A Small Problem Solved With Dash Designs The Shade

    A Small Problem Solved With Dash Designs The Shade

    Our other car is a Ford Focus and for some reason, it gets much hotter on the inside than our Ranger does. Last summer we installed tinted windows throughout and it helped a little however,  summer is here and once again our sons car seat is so hot that we need to  cover it with a towel in order to make it bearable when we return to the car. 

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  • The Christmas Superstar

    The Hatchie Bottom Saddle Blanket Seat Covers Are Going To Make Me The Christmas Superstar

    My step-mom is an avid horse rider/owner.  Her horses consume most of her waking hours, and when we talk on the phone she often mentions what she has purchased recently for horse riding such as: clothing, saddles, trailers etc.  She is often looking for very specific items that she finds either online or word of mouth, and sometimes must travel hundreds of miles to pick up.

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  • Camping Is More Fun When You Are Organized With CURT

    Camping Is More Fun When You Are Organized With A CURT Manufacturing Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

    As I have mentioned in previous blogs,  our family loves to camp however, it is a stressful situation because we are not organized campers. We wait until the last minute to begin frantically making reservations online, and then we throw everything into the truck and go. It’s a mess. I saw some professional looking campers driving down the road all loaded up the other day, and began to wonder “how do they do that”?  

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