The Christmas Superstar

The Hatchie Bottom Saddle Blanket Seat Covers Are Going To Make Me The Christmas Superstar

My step-mom is an avid horse rider/owner.  Her horses consume most of her waking hours, and when we talk on the phone she often mentions what she has purchased recently for horse riding such as: clothing, saddles, trailers etc.  She is often looking for very specific items that she finds either online or word of mouth, and sometimes must travel hundreds of miles to pick up.


That happened recently when she had been searching for many months for a saddle,  she drove 300 miles to pick it up because it was the “right” one for her.  Sounds expensive and complicated.  What is more complicated is,  is that every Christmas I want to buy her something horse related but wouldn’t dare because it probably won’t work for her specific needs.


Well, not this Christmas!  I have found the perfect gift, and I am going to be the belle of the Christmas Ball.  Saddle Blanket Seat Covers by Hatchie Bottom is the answer  and they are avaiable at Sears in tan, gray, or black and since her dually trucks interior is tan it’s a done deal.  These seat covers not only resemble her saddle blanket she uses for riding, they are UV , and water/stain resistant for those wet muddy, barn cleaning days.  This was such a no brainer, Merry Christmas to me!