A Small Problem Solved With Dash Designs The Shade

A Small Problem Solved With Dash Designs The Shade

Our other car is a Ford Focus and for some reason, it gets much hotter on the inside than our Ranger does. Last summer we installed tinted windows throughout and it helped a little however,  summer is here and once again our sons car seat is so hot that we need to  cover it with a towel in order to make it bearable when we return to the car. 


I went  to lunch with a friend the other day and watched her as I had many times, put up her sun screen on her car window, and it dawned on me that that is what we need!  I suppose it had to occurred to me before that this was smart, but avoided buying one because it would just be more clutter in the already too small car.

I began looking online for something for the window that was permanent,  perhaps more like shades that RV’s have in their window, but didn’t want any permanent modifications done or the cost of an RV style shade.  I found The Shade from Dash Designs, and it is awesome! Dash Designs Website is very user friendly, all I had to do was click on the year, make,  and model of my vehicle and click “add to cart” and it was done,  my new The Shade was on its way!

I love its features: no storing, can be opened and closed with one hand,  custom designed for our car’s window size,  and reduces the temperature in the car ranging from 20-50 degrees.  This cannot come soon enough, I will be checking the mail every day!